Trendy Solutions… or How Pre-built Open Source Rocks the Crisis

by Alena SemeshkoNovember 17, 2008

With the financial crisis, mass lay-offs and vanishing resources, companies get only more demanding. We emphasize reliability and get only more irritated if things are not neat, simple and under control.

Software is the last thing you want to sweat about in this situation. So when your business depends on commercial software and it lets you down, things can really suck.

It’s interesting to watch how financial crisis makes a lot of companies previously skeptical of open source and software as a service turn to these two and try to get the most of them.

Open source looks appealing because it’s free for the most part and, you literally have a 24/7 support from a community of extremely committed developers.

SaaS is good because most of the work is already done for you, and subscription-based payment plans tend to be tempting.

Let’s go further though, to the pre-built solutions. These are even better, as they rid you of all manual coding and let anyone (Literally. Anyone.) on the staff “watch and relax”, making minimum to no effort at all.

Open source is free and out there available to everyone. You’re not making a long-term financial commitment by trying it. Neither are you sweating it while getting your bearings in a new pre-built technology. Work’s done for you. So, it’s like there’s a bonus that comes with a pie: not only are you saving money, you’re saving loads of time and increasing the overall efficiency.

Pre-built open source, the new green (pink, red… whatever), is it?