Apatar Data Integration Web Demos

by Alex KhizhniakJune 25, 2012
Check out these video tutorials to learn how to install Apatar and integrate corporate systems by using this open-source tool.

What is Apatar? | apatar.com | Press Coverage


Brief overview

Apatar is an open-source data integration tool delivered by Altoros to help business users, DBAs, and developers move their data in and out of numerous sources. A robust, scalable Apatar architecture enables end users to successfully solve a broad spectrum of integration needs—from extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) for data warehousing, to migration, synchronization, and app integration.

Apatar can be used in diverse data-driven systems where you have information that needs to be captured and transferred to a new app, a data warehouse, or a single front end. The tool has a user-friendly UI and, even for a nontechnical user, it will take just a couple of hours to get trained. In addition, Apatar has a number of built-in data quality tools, enabling data cleansing, de-duplication, etc.

These demos show how to start using Apatar across the most common scenarios.


Installing components and registering

View Apatar Installation Demo…

The installation process comprises three simple steps

Note: The product will require Java Runtime Environment.


Connector tutorials

View Apatar Connector for Salesforce CRM (Populating Data)…

Learn how to populate data from a custom table to a Salesforce CRM contact

View Apatar Connector for Salesforce CRM (Extracting Data)…

Extracting data from a Salesforce CRM contact to a custom table

View Apatar Connector for SugarCRM Demo…

Connecting to a SugarCRM contact and previewing data


Integrating systems

View Aggregating Multiple RSS Feeds with Apatar…

Creating a single RSS feed based on multiple news sources

View GoldMine to Salesforce CRM Integration with Apatar…

Integrating GoldMine contacts with Salesforce CRM

View Salesforce CRM to MS Excel Integration with Apatar…

Extracting Salesforce CRM contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities to MS Excel

View Salesforce CRM to SugarCRM Integration Demo…

Integrating Salesforce CRM contacts and accounts with SugarCRM

View Salesforce CRM and QuickBooks Integration Demo…

Learn how to use Apatar On-Demand synchronizing SFDC and QuickBooks

View StrikeIron Email Verification with Apatar…

Verifying Salesforce CRM contact data with StrikeIron services



View Generating Customer Letters from SFDC to MS Word with Apatar Merge…

Configuring the Apatar Merge add-on in MS Word

“Simply incredibly easy to use. As a sales manager, my technical level is really far away from the desirable to use one of these integration tools. But following the web demos of Apatar, and applying common sense, I could integrate contacts database of a client’s e-commerce with SugarCRM. For migration purposes, it is simply incredible. Continue with this job, it will be really helpful for system integrators, etc. 100% recommended.” —Julio Bleda Lуpez, Сommercial Director, ClearTIC S.L.

The latest stable release of Apatar can be downloaded at SourceForge here.


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