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Infrastructure provisioning usually involves time-consuming and error-prone tasks. Spin up your entire infrastructure in a single click to facilitate feature delivery and issue handling, while allowing your DevOps experts to focus on meaningful tasks.



Introducing changes manually across multiple environments (development, test, stage, etc.) may lead to configuration discrepancies, causing unexpected errors, complicating bug fixing, and triggering security vulnerabilities in production. Thanks to its immutable nature, IaC standardizes provisioning, ensuring consistency and ease of maintenance.

Improve monitoring

Improve monitoring

Easily audit and track configuration changes across environments, speeding up bug fixing, ensuring software quality, and minimizing risks.



Using a unified configuration for all environments allows companies to replace manual health checks with automated vulnerability scanning and eliminate any security issues at the early stages.

Cost savings

Cost savings

Enable DevOps teams to focus on mission-critical tasks instead of spending hours performing repetitive manual actions.

How IaC works

How IaC works
How IaC works
How IaC works

Altoros IaC enablement deliverables

Altoros will analyze your existing deployments and check how they map onto your business goals to create a detailed roadmap for IaC enablement. We will also provide guidance on best practices, code reusability, and security.


Delivering an action plan

Our engineers evaluate the existing infrastructure and create a roadmap for establishing DevOps processes that use the IaC approach effectively.


DevOps tools for IaC enablement

Altoros implements such DevOps tools as Terraform, Ansible, AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, Chef, Puppet, Vagrant, etc.



We educate your team around the IaC best practices, helping to optimize infrastructure provisioning.

Digital transformation stimulates businesses to build a proper digital environment and find new ways to address customer needs, while providing better services to increase loyalty.

Our world-class tech team helps you to transform and optimize business processes to gain significant profit. We turn your business goals into value, relying on our expertise approved by 50+ Global 2000 organizations.

Sizeable cost savings through optimization of the software development life cycle

    Implementation of the open-source Kubernetes and its vendor distributions (e.g., VMware Tanzu Application Service, Microsoft Azure, Amazon EKS, etc.) to enhance the software development life cycle

    Building continuous integration/delivery pipelines (Concourse, Jenkins, etc.) to improve and automate a development life cycle

    Optimizing software to increase operational capacity, alleviate server maintenance, cut costs, deliver timely security updates, and easily integrate newer technologies

Enhanced time to market with modern app design and cloud development principles

Altoros empowered 50+ Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies

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