Blockchain Training Courses

We transfer our extensive expertise in working with real projects to provide you with practical skills and proven engineering tools to build a turn-key blockchain-based product of your own.

We go beyond academic agendas. We share our hands-on experience.

Blockchain Training Courses

Why Altoros training?

  • Hands-on & Customized
    Programs with 75% of laboratory exercises for you to obtain real hands-on experience in a short time
  • Instructor-led
    Training sessions held by professionals with vast expertise in building and maintaining blockchain solutions
  • Up-to-date
    Intro to the latest versions of frameworks, network deployment scripts, chaincode patterns, and troubleshooting tools
  • Project-oriented
    Guaranteed consultation services and post-training support, as well as access to useful materials by Altoros

Maximize your team's talent with customized hands-on training

Maximize your team's talent with customized hands-on training

Select classroom training close to you

Public classes are not scheduled at the moment. Please contact us at training@altoros.com if you’d like to join our waitlist or request private training for your team.

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What our customers say


“I would recommend Altoros for future blockchain training. The training program, content, the delivery and interaction with the trainers were good. I got a better understanding of blockchain and Hyperledger.”

Joao Goncalves

Solutions Architect at Version 1


“My overall training experience was excellent. The online format worked well, I don't think it prohibited us much. The main value of the course was getting the team skilled up, and answers to some niggling questions I had. Overall, I thought it was a very good and informative session.”

John Bolger

Innovation Labs Lead at Version 1


“My experience with Altoros Hyperledger training is excellent. I liked the training program, the content, and the delivery format. I wanted to understand blockchain, and I increased my knowledge.”

Lau Shi Hong

IS Executive at Sarawak Information Systems


“My overall experience was good, and the topic was well delivered. The main value of the course for me was understanding the different aspects of Hyperledger Fabric and its capabilities.”

Stivalen Anak Lepon

Assistant System Engineer at Sarawak Information Systems

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What trainees say about Altoros courses

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Contact us

Alexandra Mironova

Alexandra Mironova

Training Coordinator

training@altoros.com617 841-2121

4900 Hopyard Rd. Suite 100 Pleasanton, CA 94588