Corporate Blockchain Training: Deep Dive with Ethereum

This Ethereum course for developers introduces you to advanced smart contracts programming with Solidity. By the end of the course, you will be able to design applications that interact with Ethereum blockchain.

Training program

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Ethereum and the EVM
  • Understanding the architecture of KeyStore such as MetaMask or MIST.
  • Understanding EVM and the ABI Interface.
  • Calls vs. transactions.
  • Concurrency and events.
  • Use cases of events.
Smart Contract Programming
  • Smart contracts with Solidity.
  • The layout of a Solidity file.
  • Development and deployment cycles.
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Advanced programming in Solidity
  • Functions, mappings, and structs.
  • Libraries and inheritance.
  • Testing environment.
Deployment and Costs
  • Solidity compilation and deployment.
  • Gas and gas costs.
  • Understand the moving parts: compiler, blockchain, API, KeyStore.
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My experience with Altoros Hyperledger training is excellent. I liked the training program, the content, and the delivery format. I wanted to understand blockchain, and I increased my knowledge.
My overall experience was good, and the topic was well delivered. The main value of the course for me was understanding the different aspects of Hyperledger Fabric and its capabilities.
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