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Blockchain Development Services

We develop business-to-business blockchain solutions around the globe for medium and large businesses. Facilitating the technology adoption, we help to cut operational costs and create additional revenue streams.

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Blockchain Development Services

End-to-end provider of advisory, development, and training services

Blockchain consulting

Blockchain consulting

Leverage our experience of partnering with 40+ customer organizations across such industries as finance, insurance, supply chain, manufacturing, healthcare, and telecom. We provide both business and technical blockchain consulting services. We evaluate the necessity of adopting the distributed ledger technology, as well as assist in defining product scope and an implementation roadmap.

Development & deployment

Development & deployment

We bring expertise in the latest platforms and frameworks with our blockchain experts who skillfully employ artificial intelligence/machine learning, cloud automation, and big data analytics. This way, we build competitive and innovative blockchain apps and production-grade solutions for enterprise customers. In addition, we offer first-in-class deployment services that lower operational and cost barriers, as well as decrease time to market.

Public Blockchains Development Services

Public Blockchains Development Services

Our top-notch team of blockchain experts helps providers of decentralized protocols and developer platforms to accelerate growth of their ecosystems. We build secure and privacy-preserving DApps powered by blockchain. The core industries we focus on are FinTech, insurance, automotive and logistics, manufacturing.

Full-cycle custom blockchain development services at all levels: PoC, MVP, production-grade.

Learn what blockchain can bring to your industry

With deep expertise in delivering enterprise blockchain services, tools, and frameworks that allow for addressing a variety of industry-specific needs, we help organizations to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Along with releasing a new type of product and ensuring enhanced customer experience, we help to reveal brand-new revenue streams.

With blockchain-based projects, your company will be able to shorten time to market for its initiatives and products, as well as decrease the number of lost opportunities.

Supply chain

Why choose Altoros as a blockchain solutions provider

Cross-cutting knowledge of emerging technologies

Cross-cutting knowledge of emerging technologies

By working in close collaboration with Intel, Microsoft, and Google, while having direct access to their cutting-edge technologies and frameworks (k8s, SGX, etc.), we deliver high-tech solutions at a competitive price. With deep expertise in deployment and optimization of cloud infrastructure, we enhance our ability to quickly and efficiently build permissioned blockchain platforms.

Blockchain development team with solid knowledge

Blockchain development team with solid knowledge

Along with vast experience in two major business-to-business B2B blockchain frameworks—Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum, we have deep expertise in Quorum and Corda. We help our customers to choose the best fit for their business goals by advising on a combination of a blockchain framework, IT infrastructure, business-specific functions, technology stack, performance capacity, and security considerations.

Hyperledger general membership and industry recognition

Hyperledger general membership and industry recognition

Altoros contributes to open-source blockchain initiatives, including the Hyperledger Project by the Linux Foundation. Our technical and business research papers, as well as results of our R&D activities are publically available and well-known to blockchain professionals worldwide.

Real engineering experience

Real engineering experience

We have proven engineering experience in developing turn-key solutions with successfully completed production-grade blockchain projects. We have worked with such providers of decentralized blockchain solutions as Gnosis, MakerDAO, 0x, Tezos, xDai Chain, Enigma, POA Network, Ocean Protocol, The Graph Protocol, Opyn, Livepeer, Formatic, AragonDAO, GoodDollar.

Blockchain development stages: delivering agile turn-key production pilots

See your business ideas implemented into real life, taking revenue to the next level with properly selected and applied blockchain frameworks and technologies.



1-2 days

Outcomes: defined cooperation process, knowledge transfer procedure, team members responsibilities, high-level roadmap, and timelines.



1-2 weeks

Outcomes: defined the project and product scopes, specified deliverables, documented requirements specification.


Product development

8 weeks

Outcomes: designed solution architecture, deployed blockchain network, developed chain code (smart contracts), ready-to-use UI, integration with external systems.


Quality check

1-2 weeks

Outcomes: created quality assurance plan, developed quality check scenarios, designed quality check reports, agreed acceptance criteria and plan.


Product acceptance

1-2 weeks

Outcomes: product tested by the customer's team, signed acceptance certificate.



1-2 weeks

Outcomes: solved possible operating issues, transferred knowledge, updated roadmap.

Our technical expertise


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