Private Blockchain Training: From Essentials to Advanced Topics

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Customize a training program to your team’s needs by choosing appropriate topics and industry-specific use cases, as well as establishing a proper balance between theoretical and practical parts of the course.

Private Blockchain Training: From Essentials to Advanced Topics



Delivery format

Online, Instructor-led

During the course, learn how to:

  • Clarify the structure of data sets recorded in the distributed ledger
  • Define the process flow (blueprint) of your future blockchain platform
  • Design concept solutions to address your business needs: network architecture, workflow algorithm, key fragments of chaincode

Instructor-led classroom training for business and technical teams

  • This tailored course is designed to accommodate business decision makers and/or software engineering teams.
  • Build your own program by choosing appropriate topics, use cases specific to your industry, theory and practice balance.
  • Attend this course before you make a decision to build a Proof of Concept or a Minimum Viable Product for your corporate blockchain.

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  • Introduction

    • A few things about Altoros, getting to know each other and instructors, overall information on the schedule and agenda of the course, as well as useful links.
  • Blockchain Essentials

    • Introduction to the distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain: Cryptography, Hashing, Encrypted communications, Consensus mechanisms, Blocks, Wallets, Explorer, Smart contracts, Cryptocurrency, and Tokens.
    • Public and Permissioned blockchains: Bitcoin vs. Ethereum vs. Hyperledger functional comparison. What kinds of business functions can be implemented for B2C and B2B businesses. Analytics tools available to track productivity of blockchains.
  • Hyperledger frameworks overview

    • Sawtooth, Indy, Iroha
  • Hyperledger Fabric architecture and transaction flow

    • What is a DLT, a block & a blockchain
    • Hyperledger Fabric components and the transaction flow
    • PKI method of securing communications
    • Fabric CA & MSP
    • Fabric Starter for the HLF deployment in a local mode
    • Crypto material. Anatomy of config files
  • Start an own corporate blockchain project. Hyperledger Composer

    • Prototyping the data sets, the process flow and the chaincode logic
    • Example of applying the Composer to prototyping the "Perishable goods supply"
  • The Chaincode

    • Chaincode anatomy
    • Basic chaincode patterns
    • Chaincode events
    • Cross-channel chaincode interaction
    • Practice: writing the chaincode in Golang. Supply chain example
    • Debugging the chaincode: best practice
  • Application life-cycle management

    • Customize the network
    • Create a new channel
    • Install & instantiate a new chaincode in the channel
    • Modify or upgrade the chaincode
    • Invoke the chaincode from the CLI
    • Configure endorsement policy
  • Hyperledger Fabric multi-host deployment: Solo-Orderer & Raft

    • Application
    • Multi-host deployment with a Solo-Orderer using Fabric-Starter
    • Ansible Fabric Starter for the Solo-Orderer and Raft
    • Deployment of HLF on Azure (video-instruction)
  • Deployment of HLF on Kubernetes

    • Deployment of HLF on Kubernetes
  • Use cases & Demo

    Automotive spare parts supply chain. Practice with the PoC.

    OTC market trading. Practice with the PoC

    KYC / AML (GDPR compliance)

    Trade finance


    Credit control as a shared service

    Supply chain management

    Bonds issuance and trading marketplace

    Product origin / anti-counterfeit traceabilityInsurance

    Auto-dealership blockchain network

    Investment management

    Warranty support as a shared service

    Syndicated and cooperative loans

  • Advanced integration patterns

    • External file storage (IPFS)
    • External key generator
    • Hyperledger Caliper tools for the network performance measurement
  • Cryptography, Privacy, Security and Trust in blockchain systems: deep dive

    • Definitions and protocols
    • Zero knowledge proof (ZKP)
    • Local installation of Hyperledger Indy
    • Step-by-step deployment guide for building the Indy clients
    • Identity mixer (Idemix) implementation for Hyperledger Fabric
    • Scripts for the Idemix customization at the chaincode level
    • Intel SGX solution integrated with Hyperledger Fabric

No better time and training provider to maximize your team's talent!

No better time and training provider to maximize your team's talent!

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Through expertly led, hands-on custom training courses, Altoros helps IT professionals around the globe to advance their skills in cloud-native development and PaaS, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and deep learning.


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“I would recommend Altoros for future blockchain training. The training program, content, the delivery and interaction with the trainers were good. I got a better understanding of blockchain and Hyperledger.”

Joao Goncalves

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“My experience with Altoros Hyperledger training is excellent. I liked the training program, the content, and the delivery format. I wanted to understand blockchain, and I increased my knowledge.”

Lau Shi Hong

IS Executive at Sarawak Information Systems


“My overall experience was good, and the topic was well delivered. The main value of the course for me was understanding the different aspects of Hyperledger Fabric and its capabilities.”

Stivalen Anak Lepon

Assistant System Engineer at Sarawak Information Systems


“My overall training experience was excellent. The online format worked well, I don't think it prohibited us much. The main value of the course was getting the team skilled up, and answers to some niggling questions I had. Overall, I thought it was a very good and informative session.”

John Bolger

Innovation Labs Lead at Version 1


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