Corporate Blockchain Training: Quick Start with Hyperledger Fabric

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Nobody likes boring theory. With the emphasis on practical labs, this quick-start training will let you get hands dirty into corporate blockchain architecture right at the training. Become fully armed to write chaincode for a real business case, administer the network, and create a POC on top of Hyperledger Fabric in just three days.

Corporate Blockchain Training: Quick Start with Hyperledger Fabric


3 days

Delivery format

Online, Hands-on, Instructor-led



The course was especially tailored for

  • DevOps engineers deploying and operating distributed applications on the cloud-based infrastructure
  • Developers writing chaincode in Golang/Java/Node.js
  • Everyone who wants to start working on their own PoC
  • Everyone who wants to be prepared for the Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator exam

Why enroll

  • Get scripts for automated Hyperledger Fabric network configuration and deployment of the multi-host Hyperledger Fabric with the Solo orderer, Kafka cluster, and Raft
  • Practice chaincode implementation for popular blockchain use cases
  • Get REST API developed for Hyperledger Fabric

Why train with Altoros

Training program

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Day 1

  • Blockchain Essentials


    • Introduction to the distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain: Cryptography, Hashing, Encrypted communications, Consensus mechanisms
    • Public and Permissioned blockchains: Bitcoin vs. Ethereum vs. Hyperledger functional comparison
  • Hyperledger frameworks overview: Sawtooth, Indy, and Iroha


    • Consensus types
    • Functional differences and use case feasibility
  • Hyperledger Fabric concept and fundamentals


    • An architecture, Raft consensus mechanism, and a transaction flow
    • Fabric CA and Membership Service Provider (MSP)
    • Anatomy of configuration files and crypto material
  • Practical advice: How to start a corporate blockchain project

    • Prototyping the distributed ledger(s) for each channel
    • Defining the sources of all types of data
    • Drawing the diagrams of all business processes: the Actors, and how they are supposed to interact with the ledger(s)
    • Describing algorithms for the chaincode for each channel
  • Setting up a Hyperledger Fabric network in a developer mode (Hands-on)

    • Setting up a Hyperledger Fabric network in a developer mode (Hands-on)
  • Hyperledger Composer: See the difference

    • Hyperledger Composer: See the difference
  • Practice with a Demo-network PoC (Hands-on)

    • Supply chain management: assets origin and transfer
    • OTC trading platform: peer-to-peer direct deals

Day 2

  • Chaincode


    • Fabric Chaincode anatomy overview; chaincode example
    • Chaincode events
    • Chaincode interaction between channels
    • How to start writing the chaincode: implementation of business logic of basic use cases
  • Application lifecycle management


    • Setting up a Hyperledger Fabric network in a developer mode (on a single host)
    • Chaincode installation and instantiation
    • Endorsement policy configuration and change
    • Chaincode modification or upgrade
  • Use CLI commands to manage the application running on Fabric


    • Customizing the application
    • Reconfiguring the network: adding a new channel and chaincode
    • Adding new Organizations to the channel
    • Troubleshooting the network: analyzing peer logs
  • Key Chaincode patterns applied to popular use-cases


    • Chaincode implementation
    • Management of private data collections
    • Chaincode debug

Day 3

  • Hyperledger Fabric configuration and deployment automation


    • Designing an enterprise solution based on Fabric framework
    • Multi-host Fabric Starter with the Solo-Orderer and a Kafka cluster
    • REST API
  • Use Hyperledger Caliper to measure performance of your blockchain (Demo)

    • Use Hyperledger Caliper to measure performance of your blockchain (Demo)
  • Advanced Fabric integration concepts


    • Organizing permissioned access applying external identity management tools
    • Integration with an external (off-chain) file storage

Maximize your team's talent with customized hands-on training

Maximize your team's talent with customized hands-on training

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Prerequisites. Altoros recommends that all students have:


Basic knowledge of Golang, Lava, or JavaScript (syntax, control flow)


Basic understanding of PKI and Docker


All attendees work on their laptops with:

  • Local installation of Ubuntu 16; 64-bit (dual boot or virtual)
  • Docker, Docker-compose, Go v1.8 or higher
  • An IDE with Go support: Eclipse, VSCode, JetBrains

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Why train with Altoros?

Through expertly led, hands-on custom training courses, Altoros helps IT professionals around the globe to advance their skills in cloud-native development and PaaS, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and deep learning.


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What our customers say


“I think the training is really good. There are a lot of questions, and it’s great because I have the same ones. It shows that I am in the right place. This is a great class if you want to learn more about what the undercover of Cloud Foundry does at its best.”

Brad Schaefbauer

Cloud Foundry Platform Owner at Boeing


“I would recommend Altoros for future blockchain training. The training program, content, the delivery and interaction with the trainers were good. I got a better understanding of blockchain and Hyperledger.”

Joao Goncalves

Solutions Architect at Version 1


“My overall training experience was excellent. The online format worked well, I don't think it prohibited us much. The main value of the course was getting the team skilled up, and answers to some niggling questions I had. Overall, I thought it was a very good and informative session.”

John Bolger

Innovation Labs Lead at Version 1


“My experience with Altoros Hyperledger training is excellent. I liked the training program, the content, and the delivery format. I wanted to understand blockchain, and I increased my knowledge.”

Lau Shi Hong

IS Executive at Sarawak Information Systems


“My overall experience was good, and the topic was well delivered. The main value of the course for me was understanding the different aspects of Hyperledger Fabric and its capabilities.”

Stivalen Anak Lepon

Assistant System Engineer at Sarawak Information Systems


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Frequently asked questions

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  • What are the prerequisites?

    Basic knowledge of Golang, Java, or JavaScript (syntax, control flow).

    Basic understanding of PKI and Docker

    All attendees work on their laptops with:

    • Local installation of Ubuntu 16; 64-bit (dual boot or virtual)
    • Docker, Docker-compose, Go v1.8 or higher
    • An IDE with Go support: Eclipse, VSCode, JetBrains
  • Will I get a certificate after completion?

    Yes! Once you have completed our training, you will be issued a certificate that you can print or add to your LinkedIn profile for others to see.

    Note: the certificate does not represent official academic credit.

  • What are the available payment options?

    All purchases go through and you can pay via all major credit cards (including Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and more) or PayPal.

    If you would like to get an invoice for your company to pay for this training, please email to and provide us with the following info:

    • Name of your Company/Division which you would like to be invoiced
    • Name of the person the invoice should be addressed to
    • Mailing address
    • Purchase order # to put on the invoice (if required by your company)
  • Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, we offer discounts of up to 20% off for early birds who register for the training in advance. Each discount tier has a limited number of seats and all of our discounts are available in limited quantities. Once we sell out of our discounted seats, we move to full price.

  • Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes, we also offer a discount for groups of 3 or more people who register together.

  • What size are the groups?

    The standard group size is 8-10 people.

    Small class sizes provide students unparalleled access to instructors, who are seasoned industry veterans with experience building and deploying full-scale permissioned blockchain solutions, in addition to helping design the Hyperledger Fabric and Sawtooth Administrator Certifications.

    Note: The class is contingent upon having 7+ attendees. If there aren’t enough students, we will offer you to attend the class in a different location or make a full refund.

    That is also the reason why we ask not to buy flight tickets before the class is confirmed.

  • Will I be able to take the Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator exam after this training?

    Yes, you will. This course covers the domains and competencies listed for the exam and our trainers are fully qualified to prepare you for it. In fact, they helped to design the Hyperledger Fabric and Sawtooth Administrator Certifications, so, if you are wishing to take the exam, we’ll be the perfect fit.

  • I need to travel to participate in training. Do you help with visa?

    We do not participate in the process of application for visa. However, you can use a confirmation that you have registered for our class and bought the ticket for it. This should support your visa application.

    If your application is declined, we will refund the ticket.

  • What services do you offer after the training?

    We'd be glad to provide you with:

    • Post-training support from our trainers to cover the questions that your team might have
    • Advanced training options or classes on different domain to widen your expertise and technical skill set (kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning)
    • Customised consulting services for project delivery
  • Why should I trust Altoros Training?

    We have 19 years of experience in delivery of various projects with wide range of technologies

    We are early adopters of blockchain, a Hyperledger Fabric General Member and official Hyperledger Training Partner, an active contributor to the open source including Hyperledger project by the Linux Foundation

    Our trainers are first of all engineers and developers who build blockchain solutions for our clients on daily basis

    We already helped 17 companies with DLT adoption and delivering competitive advantage by utilizing benefits of permissioned blockchain technology

    We’ve already trained 500+ people all over the world

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