Quick Start with Corda

Private Training

This Corda course for developers introduces you to blockchain basics and provides guidelines on how to operate a Corda network. By the end of the course, you will be able to write smart contracts and build applications that interact with Corda.

Quick Start with Corda


2 days

Delivery format

Classroom, Hands-on, Instructor-led



The course was especially tailored for

  • Willing to learn the essentials of public and private blockchains
  • Making decisions on applying private blockchain solutions for business needs
  • Exploring how to design an architecture and to deploy a private blockchain network

Why enroll

  • Get under-the-hood of the Corda architecture
  • Discover the consensus mechanism for the data stored in a distributed ledger
  • Explore functions of the blockchain components and network participants, as well as their interaction
  • Gain understanding of information flow (transaction processing) on blockchain
  • Study ins and outs of smart contracts and how they work on Corda
  • Learn about Corda solutions built for real business functions

Why train with Altoros

Training program

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Day 1

  • Blockchain Basics

    • What is Blockchain and how it works.
    • Private keys, public keys, and a signature.
    • Understanding privacy. Public vs. private blockchains.
  • Introduction to Corda

    • Architecture, key concepts, and components of Corda.
    • Set up your development environment for running and creating applications.
    • How to model shared facts and agreements on the ledger.
  • Corda Node and Network

    • Learn how the node is designed, what it can do, and what it can’t. Learn what services/APIs the node offers.
    • Understand how a Corda network is structured and how data flows between nodes on the network.

Day 2

  • Contracts, Transactions, and Flows

    • Use test-driven development to create smart contracts controlling the evolution of the ledger.
    • Learn about the transaction life cycle and how transactions are used to propose ledger updates.
    • Use our flow-testing framework to develop flows allowing Corda users to automate common business logic.
  • Popular use cases implemented on Corda

    • Popular use cases implemented on Corda

Maximize your team's talent with customized hands-on training

Maximize your team's talent with customized hands-on training

Prerequisites. Altoros recommends that all students have:

  • Basic understanding of blockchain is nice to have, but not required
  • Laptop with Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.x

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Why train with Altoros?

Through expertly led, hands-on custom training courses, Altoros helps IT professionals around the globe to advance their skills in cloud-native development and PaaS, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and deep learning.


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“I would recommend Altoros for future blockchain training. The training program, content, the delivery and interaction with the trainers were good. I got a better understanding of blockchain and Hyperledger.”

Joao Goncalves

Solutions Architect at Version 1


“My overall training experience was excellent. The online format worked well, I don't think it prohibited us much. The main value of the course was getting the team skilled up, and answers to some niggling questions I had. Overall, I thought it was a very good and informative session.”

John Bolger

Innovation Labs Lead at Version 1


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