Top 100 Quotes from the Cloud Foundry Summit 2016

by Carlo GutierrezMay 27, 2016
Although the CF Summit 2016 has ended, it's clear that Cloud Foundry is stronger than ever and is still growing. We've collected 100 of the most memorable quotes from this year's major event.

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The Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 ushered in growth and collaboration for the Cloud Foundry Foundation. By the numbers, there are now 63 member companies, 173 user groups, and 33,400+ individual members in 105 cities across 48 countries. Six members were added to the Cloud Foundry Foundation along with a mass of new Cloud Foundry Ambassadors.

Everyone who presented at the summit had something to share—read this collection of the best quotes.


Why Cloud Foundry?

  1. “Cloud Foundry gives us options.” —Philip Glebow, Gap Inc.
  2. “Choice with consistency.” —Dr. Angel Luis Diaz, IBM
  3. “Cloud Foundry [is] the platform that gives no quarter for malware in the data center.” —Justin Smith, Pivotal
  4. “We put Cloud Foundry directly in the customer critical path.” —Greg Otto, Comcast
  5. “Cloud Foundry is about lowering the barrier to innovation.” —Greg Otto, Comcast
  6. “To transform, protect, enable, and empower. That’s why HPE works with Cloud Foundry.” —Bill Hilf, HPE
  7. “Whether it’s a cloud or one of our own data centers, Cloud Foundry gives our engineers a consistent experience.” —Jason Armstrong, Travelport
  8. “The Cloud Foundry platform makes it easy for developers to focus on coding.” —Ken Owens, Cisco Systems
  9. “Transformation is a people-and-process issue. There is no short cut. Cloud Foundry is a great enabler.” —Abby Gregory Kearns, Cloud Foundry Foundation
  10. “Cloud Foundry allows customers to keep the balance between innovation velocity and business requirements.” —Brian Gallagher, EMC

Phil Glebow, Gap Inc.Philip Glebow, Director, Pricing Architecture, Gap Inc.


By the numbers

  1. “Over the past year, the Cloud Foundry ecosystem has exploded! More than $455M has been invested.” —Dr. Angel Luis Diaz, IBM
  2. “We placed a bet on Cloud Foundry. We get features in days, not weeks, and scale takes minutes, not months.” —Greg Otto, Comcast
  3. “We have apps processing 30,000 requests per second in production on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.” —Greg Otto, Comcast
  4. “Developers used to be 20% productive, now they’re 80–90% productive.” —Doug Safford, Allstate
  5. “Last year we spent $5M. This year, we spent $30–50M on extreme Agile development.” —Doug Safford, Allstate
  6. “30% of our data center is now running Cloud Foundry.” —Doug Safford, Allstate
  7. “93% of enterprises are now using a cloud and 82% are using multi-cloud.” —Brian Gallagher, EMC
  8. “We currently run more than 900 apps on Cloud Foundry.” —Tim Leong, Comcast
  9. “Why do we care about containers and networks? Because I care about 4,000,000 end points.” —Richard Kaufmann, Samsung
  10. “We had to get a grip on more than 1,500 federal websites proliferating in Australia.” —Lindsay Holmwood, Digital Transformation Office, Australian Government

cloud-foundry-summit-2016-santa-clara-doug-safford-allstate-v1 Doug Safford, Vice President, Technology Innovation/CompoZed Labs, Allstate



  1. “We embrace open source, because disruption happens when industry is not paying attention to things.” —Chris Ferris, IBM
  2. “It is not a question of if, it is a question of when you are going to be disrupted.” —Renat Khasanshyn, Altoros
  3. “Being a software company doesn’t mean you are immune from disruption.” —Renat Khasanshyn, Altoros
  4. “Cloud Foundry is technology, and as such, is subject to disruption.” —Renat Khasanshyn, Altoros
  5. “We created the problem with software, and we’re going to use more software to fix it.” —Justin Smith, Pivotal
  6. “Not everyone can just roll out a new platform. Not every company is focused like that.” —Bill Hilf, HPE
  7. “Not everyone thinks in public/private spaces. They are used to buying, renting, and other multi-cloud solutions.” —Bill Hilf, HPE
  8. “I’m trying hard to make the terms ‘private’ and ‘public’ go away.” —Bill Hilf, HPE
  9. “Patched software is rare in the enterprise.” —Justin Smith, Pivotal
  10. “The big problems facing platform ecosystems today are inconsistent interfaces, inconsistent boundaries, and a lack of trust.” —Derek Collison, Apcera

Renat Khasanshyn, CEO, Altoros
Renat Khasanshyn, CEO, Altoros


Community and collaboration

  1. “One of the most important parts of a community [is] gratitude.” —Sam Ramji, Cloud Foundry Foundation
  2. “As a community, we should improve fidelity with a global workforce. We can’t expect to house that in a single room.” —Abby Gregory Kearns, Cloud Foundry Foundation
  3. “We’re excited to grow the community.” —Matthew Curry, Allstate
  4. “We’re going to train until there’s no one left to train, nothing left to build.” —Doug Safford, Allstate
  5. “This is not a NASCAR-like experience of slapping your logo onto a deck—this is about commitment to the Cloud Foundry community.” —Bill Hilf, HPE
  6. “When building a community, think to join with existing groups rather than oppose.” —Bridget Kromhout, Pivotal
  7. “We take an open-source approach so we can contribute back to the community. Cloud Foundry is an important piece of that strategy.” —Lindsay Holmwood, Digital Transformation Office, Australian Government
  8. “Team felt like they were falling out of an airplane at first but in 30 days they felt like fighter pilots.” —Greg Otto, Comcast
  9. “Kudos to all the people who have made Cloud Foundry what it is today.” —Derek Collison, Apcera
  10. “Why can we do all of that? As a community, we are very strong.” —Renat Khasanshyn, Altoros

Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 Keynote Lindsay Holmwood CFLindsay Holmwood, Digital Transformation Office, Australian Government


Cloud Foundry Foundation

  1. “Governance by contribution has been working as a model for Cloud Foundry.” —Paul Maritz, Pivotal
  2. “The Cloud Foundry Foundation protects you from evil. Certification and BOSH CPIs demolish switching costs. Open source means multi-cloud.” —Dan Young, EngineerBetter
  3. “We wanted the cloud to evolve in a different way. Similar to what Linux had done for hardware, we wanted for the cloud.” —Paul Maritz, Pivotal
  4. “The more we think about who to include in the circle, the more powerful we get. That’s why we built Cloud Foundry.” —Sam Ramji, Cloud Foundry Foundation
  5. “Cloud Foundry has gone through an amazing journey over the past seven years.” —Derek Collison, Apcera
  6. “We are absolutely dedicated and we will remain so.” —Dr. Angel Luis Diaz, IBM
  7. “What we want out of Cloud Foundry is for it to be resilient in the face of attacks.” —Justin Smith, Pivotal
  8. “None of this makes sense unless we have end customers using it.” —Paul Maritz, Pivotal
  9. “We had to find partners to jump off the cliff with us.” —Doug Safford, Allstate
  10. “We would love to see more conversations among members of the Cloud Foundry and OpenStack communities in the IoT space.” —Abby Kearns, Cloud Foundry Foundation

cloud-foundry-summit-2016-santa-clara-bill-hilf-hpe-v1Bill Hilf, Senior Vice President, HPE Cloud, HPE


Digital Transformation

  1. “Moving faster is the competitive advantage.” —Mark Peek, VMware
  2. “Evidence of a shift from apps to architecture. It’s all about the platform. IBM Bluemix is based on open source” —Steve Bretches, IBM
  3. “No matter how you try to approach digital transformation. Old world and new world will need to come together.” —Adam Lewis, Canopy Cloud
  4. “Property is put on the blockchain and there is no dispute.” —Gurvinder Ahluwalia, IBM
  5. “Continual change is a concept we have to embrace in enterprise security.” —Justin Smith, Pivotal
  6. “You don’t have to throw out the old way to embrace the new way.” —Doug Safford, Allstate
  7. “We cannot be successful if we cannot build on a global scale.” —Doug Safford, Allstate
  8. “Open source is the way the industry has found to standardize.” —Paul Maritz, Pivotal
  9. “Cloud Foundry must become the de facto standard for Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 and all other emerging, exciting areas.” —Renat Khasanshyn, Altoros
  10. “[We’re] standing on the shoulders of open-source giants.” Marc-Thomas Schmidt, Chief Platform Architect, GE Software

Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 Keynote Brian Gallagher CFBrian Gallagher, EMC



  1. “If you need to build these things, you’re doing it wrong. Hide the details behind your platform with Cloud Foundry.” —Chuck D’Antonio
  2. “To get safer, go faster.” —Justin Smith, Pivotal
  3. “The essence to a new view of enterprise security is this: repair, repave, rotate.” —Justin Smith, Pivotal
  4. “Don’t forget how you structure your team when moving to developing cloud-native services.” —Ken Owens, Cisco Systems
  5. “With continuous delivery, releases are a non-event.” —Lindsay Holmwood, Digital Transformation Office, Australian Government
  6. “If you’re a CIO, or if you’re in IT and in a cost control stance, multi-cloud matters.” —Sam Ramji, Cloud Foundry Foundation
  7. “You can look incredibly strategic if you just have a very good execution.” —Paul Maritz, Pivotal
  8. “Don’t migrate everything!” —Mark Carlson, ECS Team
  9. “Think of blockchain more in terms of business before you think of it in terms of technology.” —Gurvinder Ahluwalia, IBM
  10. “Your enterprise can’t look like a fertile, green field to potential attackers. You have to make it look like an unforgiving desert.” —Justin Smith, Pivotal

Ken Owens, CTO, Cloud Services, Cisco Systems
Ken Owens, CTO, Cloud Services, Cisco Systems


DevOps and cloud-native

  1. “Classic DevOps is a skills-intensive process. Cloud Foundry lets people bypass that unnecessary complexity.” —Ed Anuff, Apigee
  2. “Cloud Foundry hoping to evolve the Service Broker API into an industry standard independent of Cloud Foundry.” —Geoff Arnold, Sensity Systems
  3. “Why APIs matter in multi-cloud—without them you’re building a Tower of Babel.” —Ed Anuff, Apigee
  4. “We asked our developers if they wanted a PaaS and they were like yeah.” —Simon Johansson, Springer Nature
  5. “There is more to cloud-native apps than Agile.” —Ken Owens, Cisco Systems
  6. “Buildpacks are the secret sauce to easily manage heterogeneous architectures.” —Casey West, Pivotal
  7. “Yes, BOSH can be difficult, but it is absolutely essential.” —Juan Pablo Genovese, Altoros
  8. “BOSH is a puzzle, every time you look inside of it, you get a new impression.” —Alex Lomov, Altoros
  9. “Security is an asymmetrical problem and it’s not a fair fight.” —Justin Smith, Pivotal
  10. “All developers care about are apps and services. They don’t care about infrastructure.” —Derek Collison, Apcera

Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 Keynote Ed Anuff CFEd Anuff, Apigee



  1. “The BOSH logo is a shell. I was afraid I would find a Perl inside. Instead, I found a Ruby.” —Alex Lomov, Altoros
  2. “BOSH didn’t have any buttons.” —Derek Collison, Apcera
  3. “I’m BOSHing my outlook.” —Dustin Ruehle, ECS Team
  4. “You’re not famous until you’re a Lego.” —Greg Turnquist, Pivotal
  5. “My Lego avatar has arrived! I’m psyched for Cloud Foundry Summit.” —Sam Ramji, Cloud Foundry Foundation
  6. “There’s a reason security engineers in enterprises are grumpy.” —Justin Smith, Pivotal
  7. “They’re not called legacy systems—they are ‘vintage'” —Bill Hilf, HPE
  8. “Who else has write-once-read-never handwriting?” —Dr. Nic Williams, Stark & Wayne
  9. “Having beanbags and matching shirts doesn’t make you innovative.” —Abby Gregory Kearns, Cloud Foundry Foundation
  10. “One of my best mornings in recent memory [is] listening to Cloud Foundry users talk about their transformation and multi-cloud experience.” —Sam Ramji, Cloud Foundry Foundation

Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 Keynote Simon Johansson and Daniel Otte CFSimon Johansson and Daniel Otte, Springer Nature



  1. “Great open source projects are more about the second half of the project’s lifetime than the first.” —Derek Collison, Apcera
  2. “Open source is a positive-sum game.” —Sam Ramji, Cloud Foundry Foundation
  3. “We have a mission—to make Cloud Foundry the platform of choice.” —Renat Khasanshyn, Altoros
  4. “As innovation becomes easier, it becomes contagious!” —Greg Otto, Comcast
  5. “Apache became a verb for webservices, so does Cloud Foundry right now for multi-cloud” —Bill Hilf, HPE
  6. “With open source, you get standards that actually work.” —Paul Maritz, Pivotal
  7. “Enterprise security as a labor of love.” —Justin Smith, Pivotal
  8. “We know who the closed winner is with cloud. Question is if an open winner will emerge.” —Paul Maritz, Pivotal
  9. “I think, someday they will shoot a movie about all those brave men who fought hard supporting OpenStack. And its name will be ‘Brave Stack’.” —Alex Lomov, Altoros
  10. “Guns don’t kill people. Manifests kill people.” —Alex Lomov, Altoros

Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 Keynote Sam Ramji Paul Maritz CFSam Ramji, Cloud Foundry Foundation and Paul Maritz, Pivotal


If we go by these quotes then it’s quite clear that Cloud Foundry—both as a technology and as a community—has evolved since the previous year. Cloud Foundry is here to stay and you better get on board or get left behind.


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