Industrial Internet: Numbers, Challenges, Collaboration, and Predix in Between

by Sophia TurolJune 22, 2016
This blog post explores how IoT solutions help to resolve common challenges faced by different industries and highlights reduction in costs, crime rate, etc.


According to Cisco, IoT will increase private sector profits by 21% and add $19 trillion to the global economy by 2020. At the recent Houston Predix meetup, the attendees were plunged into a brief overview of the Industrial Internet (IIoT) market.

A number of the common challenges faced by the companies from different industry domains were explored, as well as the ways to solve them. Some figures were also revealed, demonstrating how Industrial Internet technologies help to cut down on costs, decrease the crime rate, improve transportation experience, etc.


How industrial Internet and IoT change industries?

Claude Baudoin of cébé IT & Knowledge Management provided some figures from the recent IIoT analytical studies. He also examined how Industrial Internet changes all industry sectors: transportation, healthcare, building, manufacturing, logistics, etc. In addition, Claude outlined why cybersecurity is a key IIoT challenge.

Then, he introduced the audience to some collaborative testbeds powered by Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)—a non-profit organization, which mission is to coordinate IIoT ecosystem’s initiatives. The working groups, which include the leading companies from various market segments (Cisco, Bosch, GE, IBM, etc.), are formed around the testbeds. The goal of this cooperation is to set new standards for Industrial Internet and find solutions to overcome widespread challenges.


Below, you can find the full slides by Claude.


Predix under a microscope

Juan Pablo Genovese of Altoros took a glimpse of Predix under-the-hood mechanisms and services, outlining how it is different to Cloud Foundry, IBM Bluemix, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. He also identified 14 portability concerns one may face when moving apps to an IoT platform. When talking about Predix future evolution, Juan Pablo inspected the go-to-market opportunities of ISV / SaaS providers, which may be interested in adding their products to the Predix catalog.


Check out the full presentation by Juan Pablo below.

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About the speakers

Claude Baudoin is Principal Consultant at cébé IT and Knowledge Management, an Austin-based boutique consulting company. He works on IT strategies, communities of practice, business process management, and adoption roadmaps for cloud computing and IoT. He is the Energy Domain Expert for the Object Management Group (OMG) and the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).


Juan Pablo Genovese is a Field Cloud Foundry Engineer at Altoros. He has been developing software for 19 years and, as a Jack of all trades, has also been into DevOps work. Juan Pablo is focused on training new DevOps at Altoros and identifying the needs of the community. His professional interests include high performance / high availability solutions with cloud technologies, as well as designing architectures that meet customer expectations.