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GE to Sell Predix? What’s Happening, Why, and Who’ll Get It?

August 29, 2018
It looks certain that GE is going to divest itself of Predix soon. This presents an opportunity for a few companies and the community.

Digital Twins for Aerospace: Better Fleet Reliability and Performance

August 3, 2017
Aerospace is going beyond connected machines. Digital twins enable the industry to save resources with prescriptive and predictive analytics.

Relying on Docker to Update Industrial Asset Management Systems Faster

July 19, 2017
Having issues with updating asset performance management systems at the edge, GE discovered that containerizing updates with Docker may help.

Addressing Complex Software Systems with Microservices and CI/CD

April 27, 2017
The growing complexity of software requires new architectural approaches to speed up development. If you’re still not into microservices, read on.

Real-Time Monitoring for Industrial IoT: Engaging Operational Technology

March 7, 2017
What are the requirements for continuous monitoring within an Industrial IoT deployment? What are the challenges and how to address them? Learn here.

Mobile Devices Are Propelling Industrial IoT Scenarios

March 6, 2017
Geolocation, portability, connectivity, and the proliferation of mobile technologies can be put to advantage within the fourth era of industrial manufacturing.

Applying Data-Centric Approach to Unify IoT Security Policies

February 28, 2017
To eliminate the burdens of varying access permissions in an IoT deployment, a solution is needed to consolidate all the heterogeneous security policies.

Optimizing Industrial Internet of Things with Objects’ Digital Twins

February 22, 2017
Learn how Digital Twins—the pairing of software with virtual models of physical assets—pave the way to more efficient and safer machines, devices, and plants.

2016–2017 Trends: Industry 4.0

January 23, 2017
Manufacturing is the King of Industries, yet leads to political disruption. What are the numbers behind all the outrage, and how should we view the phenomenon?

Adopting an IoT Platform: Things to Know and Pitfalls to Avoid

January 13, 2017
Omar Nawaz elaborates on five patterns when designing an efficient IoT process, providing tips and lessons learned. He also explains why a feature-by-feature comparison of IoT platforms is futile when planning your IoT deployment.

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