Getting Benefits from Custom Relationship Management

by Olga BelokurskayaAugust 4, 2009

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems prove to be beneficial. They are widely been implemented and are regarded a powerful solution that improve provider-customer relations and help companies become more customer-centric.

Here are some factors to consider for getting benefits from CRM integration:

  • System integration provider choice. – If you are not sure you staff is skilled enough for CRM implementation or integration work, you better choose professionals to do this for you. They may help analyze what functionality is more advantageous for company’s certain business needs. Thus it will help avoid acquiring bulky solutions, many parts of which will never be in use.
  • End user adoption. – This factor is critical in the success of a CRM implementation, however ignore it. According to Forrester research, companies that achieved only 30% user adoption after three years saw only 5% ROI on their CRM projects. A lot of organizations don’t think about the right user training. Companies looking gain maximum benefits from their CRM investments should focus on additional user training.
  • Real time applications. – Access to real-time information is highly important. Make sure you select applications that perform live data exchange instead of batch processing.
  • System usage monitoring. – Consider monitoring usage of the system, either by soliciting user feedback, leveraging system monitoring tools included in many CRM applications, or investing in monitoring software.