The Role of Data Stewards in Data Integration

by Katherine VasilegaDecember 15, 2010

The amount of data gathered from different sources can very quickly become overwhelming. For effective data integration, all this data must be maintained and managed. This is where data stewards come into play.

Data stewards do not own the data for themselves and do not have complete control over it. Their main role is just to ensure that data will be accurate and that it will pass the quality standards agreed upon by the company. They perform their duties before, in the process, and after data integration, which helps maintain the information in the long run.

To be effective, data stewards need to work together with the database administrators, data architects, and anyone who is also involved in data management and data integration in the organization. Aside from technical skills, a data steward should have a clear way of communicating issues and ideas during the data integration process.

Responsibilities of a data steward include but are not limited to:

    • Ensuring that the new data doesn’t overlap any existing, contradicting data.
    • Looking for possible errors in the data structure.
    • Ensuring that the data is error-free.
    • Performing data warehousing
    • Approving the consistency of data

Data stewards are accountable for enhancing data quality, especially during data integration activities. Their primary role is to ensure that the data governance goals of the company are met.