Database Management: Making an Asset of Your Data

by Alena SemeshkoDecember 3, 2008

Robert L. Weiner

Just found a piece from Robert L. Weiner Consulting on the database management. To brush up on your database management strategy, check if you have any of the typical mistakes listed below.

  • Lack of specified data entry policies and procedures, hence no one knowing and applying them.
  • Using Excel as if it were a database (JUST a spreadsheet, okay?)
  • Having no one in charge of data entry/data quality training.
  • Forgetting all about backups, or running them way too seldom.
  • Allowing staff to copy sensitive information onto portable devices and take it home.
  • Insufficient password security measures.
  • Error management? Lack of error management strategies, careless data handling by staff.
  • Keeping your user access rights and security options a mess.

Not about you? Then congratulations, your database management efforts don’t need a fix.