Cloud Foundry Advisory Board Meeting, May 2021: The Carousel CLI

by Carlo GutierrezMay 20, 2021
Carousel is a BOSH-aware CLI tool for browsing through and managing the rotation of credentials within CredHub.

This month’s Cloud Foundry Community Advisory Board (CAB) meeting featured Carousel, as well as development updates around the ecosystem projects. The call was moderated by Chris Clark from the Cloud Foundry Foundation.


The Carousel CLI

Developed by Stark & Wayne, Carousel is a command-line interface (CLI) for managing the rotation of credentials within CredHub. The tool provides an interactive interface, giving the user a simple method for browsing through and rotating certificates.

During the call, Michael Ferris of Stark & Wayne gave a live demonstration of the tool.

Browsing through certificates using Carousel (Image credit)

Michael Ferris

“I’m really excited about it, because like anyone who does deployments, I’m someone who spends a lot of time debugging. You need to go poking around in CredHub, and you end up with a lot of stuff. You’re not exactly sure what’s being used, and which deployment is using which CredHub. Carousel provides a BOSH-aware interface into CredHub to show you exactly what’s being used.”

—Michael Ferris, Stark & Wayne

Norm Abramovitz

Norm Abramovitz of Stark & Wayne also chimed in, citing a scenario where Carousel has proven useful.

“When you have a security team that wants to know what’s going on with certificates, you are able to browse and show them the information. You don’t have to keep going back and forth. You could give them the tool and let them do what they want.”

—Norm Abramovitz, Stark & Wayne

As a work-in-progress, Carousel currently has browse, diff, and rotate commands.

Carousel’s GitHub repo


Runtime PMC

Eric Malm

Eric Malm from VMware provided the following updates:

  • The Release Integration team delivered cf-deployment v16.14.0. The team also released cf-for-k8s v4.1.0 with Istio upgrades.
  • The KubeCF team fixed drain support with a new Quarks operator.
  • The CLI team is resolving a log-cache interaction issue in CLI v7.
  • The CAPI team is progressing on manifest diffs. They are also working on new application management roles.
  • The Eirini team is refining custom resource definition (CRD) and REST APIs. The team is also looking at the possibility of backing Cloud Foundry apps on Kubernetes deployments.
  • The Networking team fixed some port collision issues on the TCP router. They are also considering upgrading to the latest version of NATS.
  • The Logging and Metrics team is improving pipelines for pull request contributions.

Eric also invited members of the community to join the next Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes SIG meeting scheduled for June 1, 2021, at 8:30 a.m. PDT.

“We’ve started talking a little bit more about the potential technical architecture, and how it might mesh with supporting the Cloud Foundry API, but introducing more native CRD resources in the Kubernetes API that would correspond to some of the Cloud Controller entities. If you’re interested, feel free to drop in and join the discussions.”

—Eric Malm, VMware

Runtime PMC’s GitHub repo


Other project updates

The BOSH team delivered the general availability (GA) release of bionic stemcells v1.1.

Shedrack Akintayo, Ram Iyengar from the Cloud Foundry Foundation, and Jenna Goldstritch from VMware held a live stream at which they discussed what’s new on the CF API.

BOSH’s GitHub repo


Technical Oversight Committee

Chip Childers from the Cloud Foundry Foundation noted the first-ever nominations for open seats on the Technical Oversight Committee is currently ongoing. The Foundation has generated a partial list of qualified candidates. Nominations will remain open until May 28. After which, voting will be conducted from June 1 to June 15.

Chip Childers

Election results will then be announced on June 17.

“The Technical Oversight Committee is a group of elected leaders that can make decisions about how we’re going to structure working groups around the codebase. Their whole job is to find ways to delegate responsibility down as far as possible to the people writing code and designing specs for new features. It’s a very important role that we need good qualified candidates for.”

—Chip Childers, Cloud Foundry Foundation


Upcoming CF summit

Chris Clark

In regard to the upcoming Cloud Foundry summit, Chris provided a reminder that the call for proposals will end on May 21.

In his latest biweekly technical roundup, Chris urged the community to check out a recent cochairs panel discussing what to expect for the summit to be held July 21–22. He also highlighted that the Cloud Foundry Summit Unconference has been scheduled for July 20.

The next CAB call is tentatively scheduled for June 16, 2021, at 8 a.m. PDT. Anyone interested can join Cloud Foundry’s CAB or cf-operators Slack channels.


Want details? Watch the videos!

Below, you will find a video recording of this month’s CAB call.

In this video, the Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes special interest group discusses how to proceed with the technical architecture for the CF on Kubernetes project.

This blog post was written by Carlo Gutierrez, edited by Sophia Turol and Alex Khizhniak.