Altoros Appoints Tony Hansmann as New CTO of Cloud Orchestration

With 20+ years in the industry, Hansmann brings broad expertise in technology, cloud-native development, and operations.

Welcoming a new pro on board

Tony Hansmann

Altoros is proud to appoint Tony Hansmann as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Cloud Orchestration. Hansmann joins Altoros after eight years on the frontier of on-premises cloud platforms at Pivotal.

“What I learned over years of working with clients is that easy-to-operate, high-developer-productivity platforms are game changers for organizations,” said Hansmann. “I joined Altoros because the company is committed to delivering this value to the market.”

Prior to joining Altoros, Hansmann was a Global CTO helping customers around the world operationalize cloud-native technologies and practices. He was especially focused on team structures to take advantage of the efficiencies modern cloud platforms offer.

With over 25 years of experience in IT operations, Hansmann has worked with organizations like Kessel Run (US Air Force’s software development unit), Ford, and The Gap to name a few.


What does it mean for the customers?

Andrei Yurkevich

With Altoros’s background in delivering cloud-native platforms and Hansmann’s experience in driving successful transformations, the company is widening its focus from technology delivery to the larger value-stream enabled by cloud-native tools and techniques.

“Successful cloud-native transformations are not limited to pure technical implementation of platforms and app modernization. The biggest ROI lies in the practices of product management, training, and cultural transformations,” said Andrei Yurkevich, CTO and President at Altoros.

Altoros is committed to partnering with customers to deliver both the technology and processes initiatives to solidify and expand their market position.


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This blog post was written by Alex Khizhniak and Carlo Gutierrez.