Top Quotes From the Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin 2015

by Volha KurylionakNovember 5, 2015
Here is a selection of top quotes from the recent Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin 2015.

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The European Cloud Foundry community is expanding rapidly—according to the CF Foundation, there are already 39 self-organized user groups with and 6,000+ members in 17 countries. The first CF Summit on the European soil was well attended, too. 450+ tech pros came to Berlin, despite poor weather and other odds. This post is a collection of the best—in our opinion—quotes by the speakers and other participants of the summit.


Cloud Foundry in numbers

  1. “Scaled from 90 to 950 apps in a year with Cloud Foundry. 700 deploys in 24 hours.” —Daniel Otte and Simon Johansson, Springer Nature
  2. “90% of Comic Relief’s donations come in during a 7-hour window. Huge scale, no second chances.” —Tim Savage, Armakuni
  3. “Flat traffic for 364 days/year, then 10K transactions/second for 1 day.” —Tim Savage, Armakuni
  4. “A lot of things can go wrong and we can still handle 400 donations/second.” —Tim Savage, Armakuni
  5. “Blue/green deploys on Cloud Foundry during peak production traffic.” —Tim Savage, Armakuni
  6. “Code deployment has become a non-event.” —Tim Savage, Armakuni
  7. “70% savings by being able to scale down, including scaling downs tests overnight.” —Tim Savage, Armakuni
  8. “Build and run this whole platform with a team of 5–6 people” —Tim Savage, Armakuni
  9. “60% of Cloud Foundry deployments are on OpenStack.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation

cloud-foundry-summit-in-berlin-2015-sam-ramji-keynote-3Sam Ramji, CEO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation


Why Cloud Foundry?

  1. “We were able to cut development time from weeks into minutes.” —Daniel Otte, Springer Nature
  2. “We have nothing to lose but our Gantt charts.” —Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo
  3. “Cloud Foundry is not exciting. What’s exciting is what you can do with Cloud Foundry.” —Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo
  4. “US, Australia, and Korea are using Cloud Foundry!” —Bridget Kromhout, Pivotal
  5. “Dramatic increase in Cloud Foundry adoption in enterprises” —Brian Gallagher, EMC
  6. “Cloud Foundry already provides the best container implementation.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  7. “Add a container take a container away—Cloud Foundry has containers inside.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  8. “The platform not only enables transformation but drives transformation as well.” —Cornelia Davis, Pivotal
  9. “Cloud Foundry is a gateway drug to the future of data.“ —Dr Nic, Stark & Wayne
  10. “Cloud Foundry provides the right level of abstraction, making arcane knowledge of infrastructure unnecessary.” —Cornelia Davis, Pivotal
  11. “Application development with zero downtime. TRANSFORMATION!” —Cornelia Davis, Pivotal
  12. “There are no regulatory security requirements that cannot be met by Cloud Foundry” —Alex Prysmakou, Altoros
  13. “My judgment was clouded till I used Cloud Foundry.” —the 18F developer community
  14. “Platform-as-a-Service changed our lives and tremendously made things better.” —Julian Fisher, Anynines
  15. “Multiple vendors is key —we can’t be locked into a single vendor.” —Diego Lapiduz on the US Government and 18F choosing Cloud Foundry
  16. “Cloud Foundry aimed to get compliance done faster than before from government point view.” —Diego Lapiduz, 18F
  17. “Code to feedback in the shortest possible time, on scalable infrastructure.” —CF guiding principle from James Watters, Pivotal
  18. “Open source is something our customers demand from us. The quality of the components are better.” —Dirk Basenach, SAP
  19. “Cloud Foundry is the killer app for BOSH; now that you’ve learnt it, why not use it for everything else?” —Dr Nic, Stark and Wayne

cloud-foundry-summit-in-berlin-2015-cloud-native-apps-3Brian Gallagher, EMC


Cloud Foundry in the enterprise

  1. “Enterprises have customers! Ask them for feedback and you can compete with startups!” —Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo
  2. “A metrics focused enterprise wins over a ticket focused one.” —James Watters, Pivotal
  3. “The Cloud-Native Enterprise is a venture capitalist creating continuous innovation powered by Cloud Foundry.” —Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo
  4. “Single-vendor open source is the new proprietary.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  5. Enterprise: “Startups keep stealing our great people.” Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo: “That means you have great people.”
  6. “It’s about operating applications.” —Cornelia Davis, Pivotal
  7. “Apps are made of people. You can call it soylent cloud.” —Joshua McKenty, Pivotal
  8. “Cloud Foundry will not differentiate you, your apps will.” —Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo
  9. “I’m not just getting older; things are actually getting faster.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  10. “Once you build a platform, constraints empower you to make fast progress.” —James Watters and Joshua McKenty, Pivotal
  11. “Legacy is what makes you money today.” —Joshua McKenty, Pivotal
  12. “Legacy according to Casey West: when you can’t iterate as fast as desired.” —James Watters and Joshua McKenty, Pivotal
  13. “Rich software developers are hiding their github commits in secret Swiss repos.” —Marco Hochstrasser, Swisscom
  14. “12-factor app is a philosophy, not a checklist.” —Joshua McKenty, Pivotal
  15. “Let’s not wait for Gartner to invent the Cloud Foundry maturity model.” —James Watters and Joshua McKenty
  16. “The new baseline is sharing by default.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  17. “Someone, somewhere is coming to disrupt you.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  18. “Cloud Native is no longer a question; it’s a given.” —James Watters and Joshua McKenty, Pivotal
  19. “Cloud-native changes everything.” —Brian Gallagher on EMC’s transition to Cloud Foundry
  20. “Borrowing from Toyota’s lean approach, we are right-sizing the digital innovation.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation

cloud-foundry-summit-in-berlin-2015-sap-innovate-or-die-3Dirk Basenach, SAP


Community and diversity quotes

  1. “What this community has done is put the best of the best together.” —Brian Gallagher, EMC
  2. “Diversity drives innovation.” —Susanne Huesing, IBM
  3. “Men in particular need to speak more about their personal reasons for wanting diversity in the workplace.” —Jane Silber, Canonical
  4. “Empathy and flexibility create an org culture that values healthy work-life balance.” —Paula Kennedy, CloudCredo
  5. “Open source is important to our orgs as a talent pool; we need better representation of women.” —Jane Silber, Canonical
  6. “Our intent is to have 3 summits a year…all equal.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  7. “Difference between diversity and inclusion is being invited to a house and being able to rearrange the furniture.” —Jane Silber, Canonical
  8. “Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common.” —Paula Kennedy, CloudCredo
  9. “I do like how diversity is a theme throughout Cloud Foundry summit.” —Paula Kennedy, CloudCredo
  10. “Giving students access to Cloud Foundry grows the future community.” —Michael Behrend, IBM
  11. “To understand those we are trying to serve, we need those people in our teams.” —Paula Kennedy, CloudCredo
  12. “To best serve the market you have to employ the market.” —CloudCredo at the Cloud Foundry lightning talk
  13. “Foundation members are both vendors and users; @cloudfoundryorg holds Cloud Foundry in trust for us all.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  14. “We need people who want to change the world.” —Brian Gallagher, EMC

cloud-foundry-summit-berlin-2015-keynote-welcome-to-the-cloud-native-enterprise-1James Watters and Joshua McKenty, Pivotal


Best practices

  1. “Waterscrumfall…if this doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable…Going from waterfall to waterscrumfall…don’t do that.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  2. “Continuous delivery without continuous feedback is very, very dangerous.” —Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo
  3. “Constraints help you build the feature that really matters.” —Joshua McKenty, Pivotal James Watters, Pivotal
  4. “Start with greenfield and work your way back to legacy allows you to not bring your baggage.” —Joshua McKenty, Pivotal
  5. “One of the great things you can impose on a project is limited time.” —James Watters, Pivotal
  6. “Start with a small product in lab environment and grow it!” —Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo
  7. “Don’t take your application and hide it away for two years while you fall down a Gantt chart.“ —Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo
  8. “Start with someone else’s Cloud Foundry.” —Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo
  9. “Your competition are wasting their time building their own platforms.” —Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo
  10. “You should be able to feed the whole team with two pizzas.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  11. “We know that developers who carry pagers write better code.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  12. “Getting emotionally attached to our microservices is not a good idea, they are disposable.” —Chris Hedley and Gareth Clay, CloudCredo
  13. “Think of operations from the start…An advantage that benefits, but is hard.” —Cornelia Davis, Pivotal
  14. “Why is not everybody doing this? Because it’s hard.” —Cornelia Davis, Pivotal
  15. “Operations is the secret sauce.” —Cornelia Davis, Pivotal
  16. “Don’t trash unneeded code. Sharing is caring!” —Michael Behrend, IBM
  17. “Publish, provision, and consume services.” —Agim Emruli, mimacom
  18. “Change enterprise culture from ticket-driven to metrics-driven.” —James Watters and Joshua McKenty, Pivotal
  19. “Develop a profound software culture.” —Joshua McKenty and James Watters, Pivotal
  20. “Gonna have to reinvent your own culture, because you have your own problems.” —James Watters and Joshua McKenty, Pivotal


Hope you had fun reading the quotes. The list is by no means exhaustive, so feel free to add more in the comments. If you have found any inaccuracies, please let us know!

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