Would you send your data by post?

by Alena SemeshkoNovember 26, 2008

I loved the way this article makes a parallel between the work of postal services and data integration. It compares the mail we send via regular post to the data we migrate between applications enterprise-wide.

Come to think of it, data integration market these days is a lot like the postal services market. People don’t feel 100% confident with neither of them,  whether it’s something of value you decide to send to your relatives, or it’s your customer data you’re synchronizing with your accounting system. The way out? At least with data integration you can check to see that the integration tool lives up to your security expectations before using it, or considering the tips the article mentioned above mentions for sharing data securily:

1. Do not expose your internal network.
2. Make sure that intermediate storage is secure.
3. Ensure that data at rest is protected.
4. Protection from data deletion, data loss.
5. Protection from data tampering.
6. Auditing and monitoring.
7. End-to-end network protection.