SalesForce at Work

by Alena SemeshkoJune 5, 2008

SalesForce has news on their summer release.

The release will contain new editing capabilities enabling users to edit a single record, or multiple – up to 200 – records, directly from a list, never leaving the page. The new navigation features (displaying the record count (up to 2000), specifying number of records displayed per page, jump to a specific page, and first & last page links) should simplify the process of finding the right information and significantly speed up the search itself.

But more on the practical side, SalesForce will remember selections across multiple pages! You won’t have to select records on a single page and click the action button before being able to go to the next page, select more records, etc.

And what I like the most, design-wise, is that the coming release will enable drag-and-drop for moving columns around and changing a column’s width.

I’m looking forward to seeing this, are you?