NewSQL News Summary: June 2013

by Eugene OkhrimenkoJuly 5, 2013
The NewSQL news cover MemSQL and VoltDB programming contests, ScaleArc's two patents, NuoDB's prestigious award, etc.


Below is a brief NewSQL news summary for June 2013 from our R&D team.

  • TransLattice and VoltDB are among Top 100 companies in data management.
  • MemSQL and VoltDB announce programming contests.
  • ScaleArc registers two patents.
  • 59% of MySQL users have or expect scalability issues within 6–12 months.
  • NuoDB receives the “Red Herring Top 100” award.

To learn about the latest developments in the world of scalable relational databases, read on the detailes below.

TransLattice and VoltDB are among Top 100 companies in data management

Database Trends and Applications (DBTS) magazine has put two NewSQL database providers, TransLattice and VoltDB, on its list of the best 100 companies in enterprise information management. The list includes the best providers of enterprise data management solutions selected “based on their presence, execution, vision, and innovation in delivering products and services.”

MemSQL and VoltDB announce programming contests

Two in-memory NewSQL database providers, MemSQL and VoltDB, are holding competitions in support of their products. MemSQL has announced a startup, a two-round programming contest that will include 10 problems to be solved. VoltDB, a provider of an in-memory relational database, has also opened registration for their Volt Vanguard Fame! Fortune! Face Time! Contest. Developers will be challenged to build big data applications, using the community version of VoltDB. In addition to promotion for their app, the winner will get $10,000 to finance their next project and a free day of mentoring with VoltDB.

ScaleArc registers two patents

ScaleArc has registered two patents that will cover the database acceleration and transparent database query caching technologies used in ScaleArc iDB. These include connection pooling, query routing, and querying technologies, the method for handling read/write splits, as well as the unique hybrid SQL-NoSQL cache.

59% of MySQL users have or expect scalability issues within 6–12 months

ScaleBase, the MySQL scalability company, has conducted a survey at the Percona Live MySQL Conference. According to the results, more than half of all respondents are experiencing or expect to have MySQL scalability issues within 6–12 months, even after they have tried different scaling approaches. 60% of the survey participants are currently evaluating available solutions and 32% say that their scalability projects are due to start in six months or sooner.

NuoDB receives the “Red Herring Top 100” award

Red Herring Magazine, a leading business and technology publisher, has given NuoDB the prestigious “Red Herring Top 100 North America” award. The Top 100 are selected based on a number of criteria that include financial success, management quality, the impact they have within their industries, etc.

These were the main NewSQL news for June 2013. Stay tuned for new updates from our team.


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The post was written by Eugene Okhrimenko and edited by Alex Khizhniak.