Data Migration Project Training

by Katherine VasilegaDecember 21, 2010

Data migration projects typically require a lot of additional tools and support documents to function smoothly. To deliver the project successfully, organizations need data migration training. Ideally, the resources should be fully trained in advance. This requires some learning courses.

The training can be held in the form of a role-based game, where all parties involved in a data migration project are presented, e.g. business users, data stewards, IT department, etc.

Data migration training can also be held in the form of classroom-style seminars. These lessons should cover the following topics:

    • Introduction to data migration: value, strategy, technologies
    • Data migration fundamentals: architecture, source and target metadata definitions, creating data maps, validating, tracing, debugging, and data assessment.
    • Data migration tool evaluation and selection
    • Demonstrations and hands-on exercises on migrating an object from the source system to the target
    • Overview of data quality within the data migration process
    • Managing data migration projects

Carrying out a data migration project can be a complex procedure. Ensure that all your training materials and education tools are tested and in place prior to the data migration project inception.