Data Integration Done Right

by Alena SemeshkoJune 14, 2009

A bit tired of all the 2009 predictions on the future of various emerging and existing integration and business intelligence technologies, I find recommendations for the new year much more useful. Why not? Get over speculating on what’s it gonna be like and make the future happen any way you want in terms of your own customer data.

Listening to what industry experts say in their latest reports would be a good place to start.

Loraine Lawson posted a brief review of two recent data integration papers: a report from DataMonitor and another one from the TDWI.

The Data Monitorreport lists inadequate data quality as the first and main obstacle to data supporting business processes, the second being poor understanding of the data lifecycle and associated metadata. It also provides recommendations, including revamped data-integration strategy, and adopting a comprehensive data strategy, which Lawson gave particularly emphasizes in her blog.

The second, TDWI report, “Customer Data Integration: Managing Customer Information as an Organizational Asset” that Lawson discussed in an earlier interview with TDWI analyst Philip Russom, emphasizes the importance of data integration to ERP and CRM and too provides a load of recommendations on how to get a positive ROI on your data integration initiatives.

You can find links to all reports in the original post over here.