Cloud Foundry Advisory Board Meeting, April 2016: CF Summit and “BOSH 2.0”

by Roger StrukhoffApril 14, 2016
Interest in BOSH manifests itself in creation of a special "BOSH Day" following the main Cloud Foundry Summit—coming up in late May in Santa Clara.

The upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit and “BOSH 2.0” highlighted the April Cloud Foundry Community Advisory Board (CAB) conference call on Wednesday, April 13.


CF Summit Heads-Up

Stormy Peters

The Cloud Foundry Foundation’s urged people to register now. The summit will be held Monday through Wednesday, May 23–25, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. There are four tracks this year, including a core track meant to share the essentials of Cloud Foundry for both experienced members of the community, as well as people who are just learning about the platform and what it can do.

Dave Nielsen

This year’s Cloud Foundry Summit will again be preceded by a CF Camp unconference on Sunday, May 22, starting at 4 p.m. As always, from Redis will host the camp.




Get ready for the big BOSH

The summit will also be followed by a special BOSH Day on Thursday, May 24. There will be an additional $99 fee to attend, to cover food and drink. It is intended for advanced BOSH users and project leaders within the Cloud Foundry community.

Amit Gupta

The BOSH Day idea is a function of the focus on BOSH in the community, and so-called “BOSH 2.0” was a highlighted topic of discussion during the CAB call. There is not really a specific 2.0 implementation, as Pivotal’s noted, but the nomenclature is used to indicate significant progress in making BOSH more useful and easy to use.

Amit described several advances during the call. A high-level view would be to understand that the onus to re-specify a number of items—networks, load balancers, AWS instance types, and static IPs, to name just a few—has now been removed from the user and handed over to BOSH.

Pivotal’s provided several other progress notes for the call:

  • Lots of stemcell hardening
  • Recording more events (VM/disk creation/deletion, etc)
  • Fixing few misc bugs in the main backlog
  • Continued moving from Jenkins to Concourse
  • Improving links error messages and helping other teams to use new features
  • Collaborating with Google on GCE CPI
  • Fixing few bugs and misc features in Azure CPI
  • Allowing to pass in CA certs for CPI communication
  • Finished up removing Redis from bosh-release for a speed up
  • Added explicit ARP cache busting
  • Building syslog-release, meant to be used as an add-on, that will configure rsyslog to forward logs
  • Switching to s3cli for Director blobstore access

GitHub repo


Other updates from project managers

Loggregator ( , Pivotal)


  • Tech debt cleanup.
  • Metron performance increase approximately 2x.
  • Deprecated /varz nozzle.
  • Planning on deprecating Collector and legacy Traffic Controller endpoints.
  • Incepting today on adding tags to metrics.
  • After that, component syslogs into firehose.

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CF CLI ( , Fujitsu)

Dies Koper

  • Launched multi-language online CF CLI command reference guide.
  • Enhanced Diego-Enabler plug-in with commands for bulk-migration of apps Tech debt cleanup.
  • Metron performance increase approximately 2x.
  • Deprecated /varz nozzle.
  • Planning on deprecating Collector and legacy Traffic Controller endpoints.
  • Incepting today on adding tags to metrics.
  • After that, component syslogs into firehose between Diego and DEA runtimes.
  • Close to releasing CF CLI v6.17.0 exposing TCP routes, app instance quotas and various community requested features and bug fixes, including:
    • `cf any-command -v` to enable API trace (much easier to use on Windows than the CF_TRACE env variable).
    • `cf any-command myarg –this-option –that-option –what-was-that-other-option -h` to get help on a command without having to discard what you typed already.
  • Native build on Mac OS to address DNS and SSL validation regressions.
  • Received great feedback to new Routes in App Manifest UX proposal although no clear winner yet between proposals A and B. Work on it now on hold while Routing team re-evaluates how to expose multiple app ports.
  • Upcoming are exposing multiple app ports, quotas for TCP routes and app ports, implementation of the App Manifest proposal.

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CAPI ( , Pivotal)

Dieu Cao

  • v3 Tasks Alpha is shipped.
  • WebDAV is now the default blobstore for Cloud Foundry. See documentation for manifest changes.
  • Improved interaction with Diego around error cases, we now rely on eventual consistency of the backend instead of returning an error to the user.
  • Added support for purging service offerings and service instances for space scoped private brokers.
  • Cloud Controller has moved to capi-release, which is currently submoduled into cf-release. Working with Diego to move the cc-bridge components from diego-release to capi-release.
  • Several fixes for WebDAV blobstore upon receiving feedback from community.
  • Majority of work to move Diego CC Bridge components into CAPI-Release is in acceptance.
  • All v3 (experimental) documentation has been moved.
  • Continued work on v3 including bug fixes for Java BP, process types, and new app usage events.
  • Approximately 30 stories before v3 MVP and we begin v2 -> v3 migration stories.

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Diego ( Malm, Pivotal)

Eric Malm

  • Added MySQL DB support to BBS component; setting up to run in CI pipeline.
  • Will be doing performance testing, implementing migration from etcd to relational DB.
  • Upgraded diego-release to Golang 1.6.
  • Setting up pipelines to integrate against guardian-release.
  • Finished initial collaboration with CF Persistence team to add volume support to executor, BBS, auction.
  • Finished initial collaboration with CAPI to copy CC-Bridge into cf-release.
  • Diego pipeline consumes new cflinuxfs2-rootfs-release, about to remove rootfses job from diego-release.
  • Will work with CF Toolsmiths team to develop and run import-path service for CF Golang repos.

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Persi ( , Pivotal)


  • v1 supports docker drivers.


Garden (Dr. Julz, IBM)

Dr. Julz

  • We’re renaming Guardian to Garden-runC—we’ve had feedback that the new name was confusing, so hopefully this is clearer.
  • Steady progress towards Garden-runC feature complete for Cloud Foundry release marker.
  • In the process of lining up the next batch of work: security hardening.

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Greenhouse/.NET ( , Pivotal)

Steven Benario

  • Biggest update for Greenhouse is a new installer and generator that allows all servies to run as SYSTEM service, instead of requiring an admin user for containerizer.
  • Greenhouse progressing in semi-maintenance mode.
  • BOSH Windows proceeding. Early alphas ready in April or May. Still working through distribution issues and stemcell talks.
  • Please reach out if you are interested in being an early user of BOSH Windows!

GitHub repo

Buildpacks / Stacks ( , Pivotal)


  • It’s raining buildpacks every Monday! Check the #buildpacks channel topic for more info.
  • Stacks BOSH Release has been completed.
  • A ceremonial “1.0” will take place next week, but its ready to be consumed now.
  • Data Science buildpack investigation is taking place.
  • Binary Service Broker Feature narrative is open for comment.
  • Have a use case for a multi-buildpack? Share it with us on the cf-dev mailing list.


Abacus ( and , IBM)

Michael Maximilien

  • Work on failed event management continues.
  • Various issues as SAP and IBM integrates Abacus into their products.
  • Discussion with SAP India team on providing default UI for onboarding service brokers and usage reports for end users.
  • Runtime OG (Michael F.).
  • DEA -> HM9000 over HTTPS.
  • CC -> DEA (stage/start) over HTTPS [coming soon].


Flintstone / Bits-Service ( , IBM)

Simon Moser

  • Implemented all v2 endpoints in the bits service (droplets. packages, buildpack, app_bits, buildpack_cache)
  • Added WebDAV support for the bits-service.
  • Working on Diego (Diego CATS leveraging the Bits-Service backend) and v3 support (v3 CATS leveraging the Bits-Service).




Stormy also gave a brief update on certifications for operators and app developers (as we originally reported last month), noting she’s urging community members to help write specific questions that will appear on the final tests. She expects the certifications program to launch in Q4 of this year.

There was also some discussion about the migration from etcd to MySQL, with some continuing conversations expected. Community members who want to see the ongoing conversations and join in on them can look within the Cloud Foundry Slack Channel.

The next monthly call is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, May 11, at 8 a.m. Pacific Time.