Top Quotes from Cloud Foundry Summit Asia 2015

by Volha KurylionakDecember 3, 2015
This recap includes a collection of top quotes and some pieces of advice from the participants of CF Summit Shanghai 2015.

Did you know that China has the greatest level of Cloud Foundry adoption in the world? According to Sam Ramji, CF Foundation, the Asian CF community is booming with 53 self-organized user groups and 10,000 members in 15 countries. IBM also announced that the footprint of IBM Bluemix in Asia is growing and they have launched Bluemix Local in China.

cloud-foundry-summit-shanghai-2015-steve-robinson-ibmSteve Robinson, IBM Cloud

Asia’s inaugural Cloud Foundry Summit was a success, too. Attended by around 500 PaaS enthusiasts, it featured 50+ speakers and 30+ sessions, not counting the unconference, CF training, and the diversity lunch. This post is a collection of quotes by the participants of the summit, spiced up with some photos from the sessions. Enjoy reading!


Advice from cloud gurus

  1. “If you discover gunpowder, you have to stop building crossbows.” —Jason Jackson, Pivotal
  2. “The more you communicate, the better it is.” —Manoj Mone, KPIT
  3. “The few people who recognize the advantage should use it and be the software disrupters.” —Jason Jackson, Pivotal
  4. “Why is the Alibaba cloud so popular? For starters, it’s thoroughly documented in Mandarin.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  5. “The four Ps of digital transformation: portfolio, processes, people (young leaders who can make this transformation), and platform.” —Manoj Mone, KPIT
  6. “Without discipline in consistency of the core, you run into problems.” —John Roese, EMC
  7. “Pair cloud native applications with continuous delivery of business value.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  8. “Microservices is the right way to build cloud-native applications.” —Dr. Hewei Liu, Huawei
  9. “An open-source PaaS solution is the right way to build an MSA platform.” —Dr. Hewei Liu, Huawei

cloud-foundry-summit-shanghai-2015-jason-jackson-software-enabled-creative-destruction-pivotalJason Jackson, Pivotal


CF Foundation

  1. “Our purpose is to make Cloud Foundry the leading application platform for cloud computing worldwide.” —Stormy Peters, CF Foundation
  2. “In 2016, we will focus on bringing consumers of Cloud Foundry into CF Foundation complementing producers already there.” —John Roese, EMC
  3. “Be kind. Be aware. Challenge your own thinking.” —Jil Backstrom, CF Foundation
  4. “We’re rebalancing the system towards user-driven roadmaps and control of the upstream project.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  5. “If you work for a Cloud Foundry member, you are part of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  6. “We’re building support for specific industry clusters in Financial Services, Industrial IoT, and Telecommunications.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  7. “We’re making a platform for the people.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  8. “If you use Cloud Foundry, you are part of the Cloud Foundry Community.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation
  9. “We’re focusing on certification to guarantee portability of apps across clouds. Make it lasting and durable. Build the ecosystem of opportunity.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation

cloud-foundry-summit-in-shanghai-2015-speakersSam Ramji introduces the CF Foundation team



  1. “You keep using that word [DevOps]. I don’t think you know what it means.” —Duncan Winn, Pivotal
  2. “IBM Bluemix footprint is increasing in China.” —Steve Robinson, IBM
  3. “DevOps—a parallel solution to a perpendicular problem.” —Duncan Winn, Pivotal
  4. “The Hydra of Greek myth is anti-fragile—cut off one head and two grow in its place.” —Sean Kerry, Pivotal
  5. “Challenges exist, fortunately, we have PaaS.” —Dr. Hewei Liu, Huawei
  6. “Bootstrapping staging and production environment with Cloud Foundry is fairly easy.” —Julian Fischer, Anynines
  7. “VMware really took off with advent of converged infrastructure.” —John Roese, EMC
  8. “Need to explore runtime persistence in Cloud Foundry for apps needing storage that survive container failures.” —John Roese, EMC
  9. “A world in which devs just push apps and it just plays out.” —Mark Kropf, Pivotal
  10. “Open Source is 21st century alchemy.” —Duncan Johnston-Watt, Cloudsoft Corporation
  11. “Most importantly, be kind. Consider that whatever’s happening is someone else’s experience.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation on diversity in tech
  12. “Software is no longer done when you ship it—it is only done when you are done with it.” —Sam Ramji, CF Foundation

cloud-foundry-summit-in-shanghai-2015-duncan-johnston-watt-cloudsoftDuncan Johnston-Watt, Cloudsoft

Just a month after Berlin, Shanghai welcomed the CF Summit, as well. It seems, this year is a turning point in CF history with three summits in a row. Having set its flag in the USA, Europe, and Asia, Cloud Foundry is closing this year as a the global PaaS standard.

Let’s celebrate this success at the CF Beat wrap-up party on December, 17.