Hey HPE: Great Move with Microsoft Azure! Now Do This…

by Renat KhasanshynDecember 2, 2015
Nice move by Meg Whitman and HPE to synergize with Microsoft Azure! The market loves it, as we saw with a 6% spike in its stock price today.

Three steps to consider

Now, I think the team at HPE should continue the momentum by doing these three things:

  1. Put a “Cloud Foundry First” strategy on top of it.

  3. Then rapidly expose its existing APIs. For example, 40+ Haven APIs.

    Hint, hint, plus real source code for you to play with! A few months ago we built a prototype of a Service Broker for Cloud Foundry for HP Haven.


  5. Then add APIs from hundreds of ISVs (i.e., its existing partners via similar Service Brokers) to the services marketplace.


Why it’s important

What would be the probable impact? Another 6% jump in market cap on completion of each of the three steps and HPE will start showing its real cloud-native teeth in no-time!

Here’s my chicken-scratch rendering of how this would look:

HP Strategy

I like this so much, I will stir up a conversation about this at the Cloud Foundry Beat event on December 17 at HP headquarters.


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