Open Source Data Integration Competes with Commercial BI Tools

by Olga BelokurskayaOctober 13, 2009

Recent surveys on the adoption of open source BI have shown an increased interest in the kind of tools especially for reporting and data integration initiatives. The respondents mostly admitted active use or the intention to start using open source data integration tools, as well as other open source BI tools. What drives this trend?

Low initial investment in purchase and implementation is a primary reason, as many organizations are being disturbed by the cost-cutting ideas.

Another reason is that open source is no longer a stranger in the world of BI, but a provider of mature competitive tools with a high level of functionality and support, offering such benefits as flexible implementation, access to source code, and ease of integration.

As for support, the community standing behind open source tools turns beneficial solution, for example, for small companies lacking IT staff. Moreover, community contributes codes, new functionalities and modules for the solutions they stand behind.

However, open source tools can’t be named ideal, as there are sometimes challenges users may face with configuration or UIs, and the level of monitoring and management features are not at the same level with commercial BI tools.