Dies Koper Announces Latest Cut of Cloud Foundry CLI (v6.14.1)

by Roger StrukhoffDecember 23, 2015
Several new features and upgrades appear in the latest release of CLI.
, who works for Fujitsu from the firm’s Sydney office, and recently named as the Cloud Foundry CLI Project Manager, has announced that the “CF CLI team just cut v6.14.1.” The full text of his announcement via the cf-dev mailing list appears below.

Binaries and link to release notes are available at https://github.com/cloudfoundry/cli#downloads.


Installation experience improvements

Dies Koper Cloud Foundry CLI PM

Dies Koper
Cloud Foundry CLI PM

Mac OS X installer is now digitally signed with a Foundation certificate, so CLI can be installed without needing to bypass security features. (Similar experience on Windows will be addressed soon.)

Mac OS X installer now includes the correct CLI release version and package size in distribution manifest.

Debian installer now denotes the correct package size.


Updated commands

  • push now deploys apps with jars generated with Spring Boot 1.3.0 that embed a script at the start of the jar file.
  • push now deploys apps with >64KB read-only files.
  • push no longer fails on Windows with >260 character paths that are specified in .cfignore.
  • push no longer continues traversing folders specified in .cfignore.
  • push now displays a user friendly message when no application files found.
  • push now uses a CF Foundation buildpack as example in help text for -b option.
  • ssh no longer swallows execution result when invoked repeatedly with -c option.
  • auth now displays an error message in case of a 502 HTTP error response.
  • help no longer includes redundant BUILD TIME section.
  • delete-quota now displays correct help text for -f option.
  • purge-service-instance now returns a meaningful error message when targeting a CF release that does not support purging service instances.


Plugin framework changes

The Domain field of the application model returned by GetApp is now properly populated.


New plugins

CF Doctor Plugin: https://github.com/emirozer/cf-doctor-plugin