Data Integration Predictions for 2011

by Katherine VasilegaDecember 10, 2011

It’s time to make prognosis about the upcoming year 2011. Here are some trends in data integration that are likely to get further development in 2011.

Enhanced data availability

The data is not going to be locked up at the corporate warehouses anymore. Many businesses move to the Cloud, and so will their master data. Organizations start seeing benefits of sharing information and making their data more open.

Business and IT will converge more

The difference between IT staff and marketing teams gets less obvious. Business people get more and more involved in using data integration techniques in their everyday activities. Business people have to be more educated about information technologies. On the other hand, IT specialists need marketing skills to promote their projects and tools. Successful data integration initiatives are impossible without involving both IT and business users.

Data integration tools will enhance further

Data integration and migration tools will become more user-friendly as business users need access them to manage data. Future tools will focus on work flow features, reporting and better graphical user interfaces to provide business users with more opportunities.

In 2011, the business will rely on data more, than it ever did before. Today, digital data is a huge part of our lives. No matter if the economy turns up or down, data integration industry will continue to deliver sophisticated solutions, to provide top quality of data.