Altoros Goes to Argentina: Two New Offices Opened in Buenos Aires and Santa Fe

by Alena VasilenkoFebruary 25, 2013
Altoros establishes two new offices in Argentina, which focus mostly on Ruby development.

Expanding horizons

In September, two new offices opened in Buenos Aires and Santa Fe, Argentina, extending Altoros’s broad geographical coverage. Being just two hours ahead of New York, the development centers in Argentina provide efficient communication with the US customers.

Nicolas Rotta, Buenos Aires

For three months, the offices grew from two senior developers to 11 highly qualified senior and mid-level Ruby specialists.

The Argentinian development center focuses mainly on Ruby-based projects. Ruby simplicity and elegance, along with the well-established traditions of Ruby development and the mature community in this country, guarantee extensive expertise in project implementation using this language.

Nicolas Rotta is the Director of Operations at Altoros’s office in Buenos Aires. He holds a Master Degree in Information Technology of Carnegie Mellon University and is certified as a systems security and a business-oriented specialist.

Manuel Garcia, Santa Fe

Manuel Garcia is the Director of Operations at Altoros’s office in Santa Fe. He got his Engineering Degree at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional and is a certified Scrum Master. Being a Product and Project Manager with 15+ years of Software Development experience, Manuel also is an agile methodologies evangelist.

Nicolas and Manuel cooperate closely with the customers throughout the full product life cycle and help to:

  • gather and prioritize requirements
  • draw up the product vision and main features
  • manage and distribute development tasks
  • control project milestones and deadline
  • coordinate work of software development, marketing, quality assurance, etc. specialists

To discuss how your project can be implemented with Ruby, call our offices in Argentina or visit the website.

Buenos Aires: + 54 (11) 32209675
Santa Fe: +54 (911) 63527080

Altoros Argentina is always looking for talented engineers. If you’re a Ruby developer looking for a job, please review our Ruby-on-Rails jobs.


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