38 Fun and Socially Oriented Projects Were Created in 24 Hours at Hackaton 2013

by Alena VasilenkoJanuary 21, 2013
At the event, the winning projects were selected in nine categories, including the best mobile app, Windows Azure–based project, big data project, etc.

Marathon highlights

January 19–20, Minsk, Eastern Europe—200+ IT enthusiasts and technology geeks attended Hackby 2013, a unique 24-hour development marathon. This year, the event was focused on big data and experts in this field, who wanted to prove that a Hackathon format fits not only small mobile projects, but also sophisticated data-intensive solutions. To encourage contribution to big data, organizers provided the participants with free access to such cloud services as Amazon and Windows Azure, as well as introduced a nomination for big data projects.

One of the peculiarities of a hackathon is that it’s not merely for developers. People who have managerial or marketing skills were also welcome. At the beginning of the day, those who came to the event with an idea of a software product, were given one minute to present an idea and inspire participants to join their teams. After that, all participants networked in the hall to staff teams with all the required specialists, developers, designers, quality assurance engineers, etc. When all organizational routines were over, 24 hours of drive, fun, and codding began.

Experienced mentors and facilitators helped the younger colleagues to shape the brainstormed ideas and shared some useful tips on their implementation.

The panel selected the winning projects in the following categories:

  • the best Ruby/Rails project
  • the best socially-oriented Android app
  • the best mobile app
  • the best PHP or Java project
  • the best iOS app
  • the best Windows Azure–based project
  • the best project implemented with Couchbase Server
  • the best project implemented with Jelastic
  • the best big data project

The people’s choice award was given to the most interesting project selected by the audience.

The event was organized by Altoros. Sponsorship was provided by HTC, VolcanoSoft, Intetics, Flexis, VRP Cloud.

Technical partners of the event include Windows Azure, velcom, D-Link, Jelastic, Couchbase, and New Relic.


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The post was written by Alena Vasilenko and edited by Alex Khizhniak.