The First CloudCamp in Denmark: Cloud Adoption, Security, and Use Cases

by Olga BelokurskayaOctober 29, 2011
Held right at the GOTO Aarhus Conference, the first cloud-native meetup focused on the ways of migrating to cloud services, while ensuring security.

Bridging early adopters of cloud technologies

On October 11, 2011, Altoros organized the first CloudCamp in Denmark, co-hosted at the GOTO Aarhus Conference. The latter is one of the leading European IT conferences dedicated to software development, architecture, and design, attracting 1,300+ participants annually.

The CloudCamp event was held in the form of an informal conference and united adopters of cloud technologies willing to share their ideas, experience, challenges, and solutions. The “unconferences” have already gathered over 20,000 attendees in many countries.

The event was opened by four speakers who took part in the lightning talks. Their presentations were dedicated to cloud deployments, security, and business use of cloud technologies.

Andrei Yurkevich, CTO at Altoros, compared cloud vs. regular hosting services in terms of which could be a better choice for a startup. He dwelled on how the usage of a cloud-based hosting might affect not only the efficiency of hardware costs, but also the success of the whole venture.


Considerations on adopting cloud services

Other speakers explored the following topics:

  • How to easily integrate and automate deployment process to make it painless and fast.
  • Cryptography is a solution to some of the cloud computing security concerns, including vulnerability risks in multi-tenancy and virtualization, as well as an ability to control, locate, and secure data.
  • Practical examples of how cloud services can be implemented and used in different kinds of small and large organizations—private and public.

Then followed a panel discussion about cloud computing. The experts were speaking on the topics proposed and chosen by the attendees.

During the group talks, all the participants split into three groups to exchange thoughts, debate, and summarize the main topics of the conference.

Thanks to an open format of the event, it was possible to freely exchange ideas, ask challenging questions, look for advice, and share thoughts.


Want details? Watch the video!

In this video, Andrei Yurkevich of Altoros explores cloud vs. regular hosting services and provides recommendations on how to choose the best fit for your business processes.


Below, you can find the full slides by Andrei Yurkevich.


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The post was written by Olga Belokurskaya and edited by Alex Khizhniak.