Top 40 Quotes from the Cloud Foundry Summit 2014

by Alex KhizhniakJune 17, 2014
Despite the overlap with DockerCon and other events, the Cloud Foundry Summit gathered around 1,000 attendees this year.

60+ speakers had a lot to share and delivered insightful sessions on Cloud Foundry, Docker, microservices, Diego, Go, etc. (See our recaps of Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 for details and photos.)

In this post, we’ve gathered some of the most interesting remarks by the Cloud Foundry Summit presenters. Please, note that the quotes are listed at random and their grouping is very rough!

СF-Summit-2014-photo1James Watters (Pivotal) with David Lewis and Swamy Kocherlakota (BNY Mellon)


Open movement / CF mission

  1. “Open source has become a very effective approach to enable people to come together and build a standard platform.” —Paul Maritz, CEO @ Pivotal
  2. “To take Cloud Foundry to the next level, it needs to be driven by the community.” —Christopher Ferris, Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Cloud Interoperability @ IBM

  3. “Meritocracy, clean IP, low barriers to entry, and an open process drive the new Cloud Foundry mission statement.” —Leo Spiegel, Senior VP of Strategy @ Pivotal

  4. “Our customers demand no vendor lock-in, that’s why CenturyLink loves Cloud Foundry.” —Jared Wray, CTO @ CenturyLink Cloud

  5. “Composable microservices embrace the classic UNIX philosophy to do one thing and do it well.” —Matt Stine, Platform Engineer, Cloud Foundry @ Pivotal

  6. “Is the effect of Cloud Foundry significant? It is, if human life matters to you.” —Renat Khasanshyn, CEO @ Altoros

  7. “HP: If we can mimic the success that OpenStack has had in IaaS at the PaaS level, Cloud Foundry will be a success.” —Manav Mishra, Director of Product, HP Helion

  8. “We feel that Cloud Foundry and OpenStack are the platform of the future.” —Manav Mishra, Director of Product, HP Helion

  9. “We discourage forking Cloud Foundry—makes it harder for you to get back on the train.” —James Bayer, Director of Product Management @ Cloud Foundry

  10. “The whole reason we exist is to make it easier for developers to build and deploy their applications.” —Mike Heath, Principal Software Engineer, LDS Church

CF-Summit-2014-Manav-Mishra-HPManav Mishra of HP


Enterprise / organization

  1. “Value for the enterprise is in the app layer. Developers love abstraction.” —Manav Mishra, Director of Product, HP Helion

  2. “You’re either building a learning organization or you’ll be losing to someone who is!” —Andrew Clay Shafer, Parvus Captus

  3. “Infrastructure is not enough to provide cloud to the enterprise, you need a platform and we chose Cloud Foundry.” —Mark Atwood, Director of Open Source Engagement @ HP

  4. “An enterprise application will be packaged as a Cloud Foundry app or service connectors.” —Mark Atwood, Director of Open Source Engagement @ HP

  5. “The way we build applications has changed.” —Paul Arnautoff, Director of Business Development @ AppDirect

  6. “We were given the opportunity to forget the legacy, but interoperate with the legacy.” —Richard Leurig, Senior VP, Innovation Dev Center @ CoreLogic

  7. “Combination of app services and data services in one package makes Cloud Foundry appealing for our customers.” —Torsten Boettjer, CEO @ Swisscom Cloud Lab

  8. “Accelerating strategy execution and changing culture. With Cloud Foundry.” —David Lewis, Managing Director, Enterprise Delivery Services and Architecture @ BNY Mellon

  9. “Cloud Foundry puts the tools to solve a problem into the hands of the people who have the problem.” —Mark Seidenstricker, Infrastructure Architect @ Monsanto

  10. “It’s Ok to automate yourself out of a job because, well, there are jobs everywhere.” —Ken Owens, CTO, Cloud Services @ Cisco

CF-Summit-2014-Andrew-Clay-ShaferAndrew Clay Shafer of Parvus Captus



  1. “Confirmed at the Cloud Foundry Summit that a hoodie is NOT required to push apps to Cloud Foundry, but is strongly recommended.” —Nima Badiey, Business Development @ Cloud Foundry

  2. “We put our eggs in the Cloud Foundry basket.” —Richard Leurig, Senior VP, Innovation Dev Center @ CoreLogic

  3. “Ready made Cloud Foundry services vs Made to Order.” —Dave McCrory, CTO @ Basho

  4. “Bragging rights are crucial for participants in a hackathon.” —Cornelia Davis, Platform Engineer, Cloud Foundry @ Pivotal

  5. “Best Cloud Foundry feature request: ‘cf push’ and ‘cf push it real good’.” —Mark Kropf, Runtime Product Manager @ Cloud Foundry

  6. “The Cloud Controller has too much responsibility.” —Onsi Fakhouri, Engineering Manager @ Pivotal

  7. “The Cloud Foundry Summit is my summer camp. A whole week with the people I like to work and play with.” —Nima Badiey, Business Development @ Cloud Foundry

  8. “The new biz app world: you can approve an expense report from the pool. I did it yesterday.” —Steve Winkler, SAP

  9. “‘cf push’ is my new ‘sudo’.” —Nima Badiey, Business Development @ Cloud Foundry

  10. “CF CLI is not the most complex CLI you will learn, especially after learning BOSH.” —Brian McClain, Lead of Infrastructure Engineering @ Warner Music Group

CF-Summit-2014-Steve-Winkler-SAPSteve Winkler of SAP


Platform-as-a-Service / DevOps

  1. “With Pivotal Cloud Foundry, we didn’t just revolutionize the dev experience, we fundamentally changed the operator experience.” —James Watters, VP of Product, Marketing, and Ecosystem for Cloud Foundry @ Pivotal

  2. “Infrastructure became vaponized! Devs can do provision servers and apps…through APIs.” —Andrew Clay Shafer, Parvus Captus

  3. “One of the points of PaaS is to become more prescriptive and guide developers in the right direction.” —Dave McCrory, CTO @ Basho

  4. “OpenStack is infrastructure orchestrator. Cloud Foundry/PaaS is service delivery accelerator.” —Torsten Boettjer, CEO @ Swisscom Cloud Lab

  5. “The goal of PaaS is to turn DevOps people back into just dev people.” —Mark Atwood, Director of Open Source Engagement @ HP

  6. “The PaaS is just as important to the operator as it is to the developer.” —Cornelia Davis, Platform Engineer, Cloud Foundry @ Pivotal

  7. “Moving CoreLogic’s top line by taking advantage of data. Cloud Foundry is the way to go.” —Richard Leurig, Senior VP, Innovation Dev Center @ CoreLogic

  8. “Agile development doesn’t work without agile infrastructure.” —Mark Seidenstricker, Infrastructure Architect @ Monsanto

  9. “Given the drivers, PaaS can be the enforcer. Cloud Foundry makes it a win for our developers.” —Casey Hadden, Software Developer @ SAS

  10. “Tools in the Cloud, for the Cloud.” —Daniel Berg, Distinguished Engineer @ IBM

CF-Summit-2014-Cornelia-Davis-PivotalCornelia Davis of Pivotal

Hope you had fun reading the quotes and attending the event. If you think we’ve missed something worth mentioning, feel free to add more quotes in the comments below!

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