How to Run Capybara Tests for Ruby Applications in Remote Browsers

by Eugene MelnikovSeptember 18, 2013
Find out which limitations you can come across when testing a Ruby app in Internet Explorer and how to address them.


Do you have concerns about how your Ruby applications work in Internet Explorer? Do you believe that checking for bugs by emulating previous versions with different modes is enough? Even if you skip some legacy versions, you can still face problems with lack of support for the JSON format, HTML5 tags, or ECMAScript, limitations for CSS selectors, and many other issues that cannot be detected by just changing a browser mode. In fact, there are a lot of bugs that can only be reproduced on certain platforms and browsers.

To identify such problems, we suggest you to run your Capybara tests in remote browsers. Check out this article in our GitHub page to find out how. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to use virtual machines and BrowserStack along with code, which you can copy-paste to save time.


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This post was written by Eugene Melnikov and edited by Alex Khizhniak.