How to Install OpenStack and Cloud Foundry on HP Moonshot

by Alex KhizhniakJuly 11, 2014
Discover a reference architecture, step-by-step instructions, and configuration for installing Cloud Foundry and OpenStack on HP Moonshot—using Juju Charms.

HP Moonshot is a new-generation low-power server built specifically for distributed computing and big data processing. It seems to be perfect for deploying Cloud Foundry, an open-source platform for delivering cloud-native apps.

To help you reap all the benefits of Cloud Foundry on top of Moonshot, our engineers have created a 12-page guide containing:

  • a tested Moonshot configuration and reference architecture
  • a step-by-step guide on installing OpenStack
  • instructions on how to configure MaaS and Juju
  • a tutorial on creating a highly available Cloud Foundry deployment

The document also includes detailed instructions on how to assign roles to servers, deploy OpenStack, configure a new environment, set up routing, and much more.

Download your copy here.