GOTO Copenhagen 2012: NoSQL Databases, Cross-Platform Tools, and a CloudCamp

by Alena VasilenkoJune 1, 2012
At the conference, numerous topics were discussed, including cloud computing, big data, mobile technologies, software architecture design, security issues, etc.

Conference highlights

During May 21–25, 2012, Altoros attended GOTO Copenhagen as a speaker, an exhibitor, and a CloudCamp organizer. Our team presented the analysis of NoSQL products, reviewed cross-platform development tools, and took part in the first “NoSQL Knockout” session.

The team of Altoros at GOTO Copenhagen 2012

The event featured numerous tracks on a variety of topics, including cloud computing, big data, mobile technologies, software architecture design, security issues, Agile process, etc. Kim Jonassen, a Country Manager of Altoros in Denmark, was a coordinator of the NoSQL track and presented the agenda.

Kim Jonassen, Altoros

Alexey Karpik, Web Platform Developer at Altoros, was invited as a guest speaker to present a session “Cross-Platform Tools: Build once and Run Everywhere.” The presentation provides an overview and analysis of tools and frameworks that are available in the market.

Alexey Karpik, Altoros

Sergey Bushik, Senior R&D Engineer at Altoros, spoke at the solution track and gave a session “Evaluating NoSQL performance: Time for benchmarking.” The presentation is based on the research of NoSQL databases Sergey conducted. He analyzed features and peculiarities of different NoSQL products using the same environment to avoid any bias.

Sergey Bushik, Altoros

This presentation got a very positive feedback and many attendees visited Altoros’s stand to learn the details of Sergey’s research.

“People feel baffled. The variety of NoSQL products is too overwhelming, and people get lost in them. The lack of objective reviews makes the problem worse. People want a ‘silver bullet’ and asked us to help them to choose.” —Sergey Bushik, Altoros

The “NoSQL Knockout” session—a panel discussion that featured the representatives of the world’s leading NoSQL vendors—was organized for the first time. Here, all the participants could talk to the vendors directly and ask any topical NoSQL-related questions. For example, when some bugs will be fixed, some functionality added, or what performance results were achieved in reality.


CloudCamp discussions

On Thursday, Altoros organized a free CloudCamp, where big data and cloud discussions continued. The following lightning talks were included in the agenda:

  • “Cloud Computing—looking below the waterline” delivered by Jesper R. Stormholt from Google. The speaker dwelled on using public clouds and the quick wins this service gives to business. The analyst shared Google’s observations of cloud computing impact on business processes and even corporate culture.
  • “PaaS—Why-when-how and maybe why not?” by Henrik Hasselbalch from IBM. The speaker presented the viewpoint of many IBM’s customers towards Platform-as-a-Service versus IaaS and SaaS, as well as explained why it seems an efficient alternative to them. He shared his thoughts on future development of hybrid clouds.
  • “Cryptography—a wonder cure for cloud security?” presented by Jakob I. Pagter from Alexandra Institute. In this session, the speaker analyzed whether it is safe to fully rely on cryptography to ensure protection in the cloud.
  • “Designing an IaaS cloud” by Alex Bligh from Flexiant. This presentation was dedicated to special features and challenges that may arise while creating an IaaS cloud.
  • “Team development in the cloud: Utilizing an IaaS public cloud for continuous integration” carried out by Lars Kruse from Praqma. The presentation was based on the experience the team got while they configured the unique lab and test environments in the KVM-based public cloud.

“Danish IT community likes CloudCamps, because they give freedom to talk and discuss what you’re really interested in.” —Kim Jonassen, a Country Manager of Altoros in Denmark

CloudCamp participants

The event was so successful that Kim brought this “unconference” meeting to Silkeborg Valley.


Further reading

The post was written by Alena Vasilenko and edited by Alex Khizhniak.