Cloud Platforms: Take a Full Control over Your Environment with Plesk

by Sergey BushikJuly 6, 2010
This blog post overviews the functionality of Plesk Cloud Management Platform, its advantages, and some challenges encountered.

The Parallels Plesk is a hosting automation control panel that allows a server administrator to set up new websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, and DNS entries through a web-based interface.


Plesk pros, cons, and recommended use


Plesk is considered to be one of the most stable and convenient control panels. It allows for managing multiple servers, related databases, and FTP from within a single interface.

Plesk provides multiple add-ons, such as Plesk Billing, Plesk Sitebuilder, and Plesk Expand, which interact with Plesk Panel and include functionality for billing, website building, and multiple server support.


Still, working with Plesk, one may encounter a number of issues, such as influence of backup and recovery strategies on the server usage, working with Plesk’s advanced features and configuration, as well as maintaining high performance in Linux environments.

Recommended use

Plesk Colud Management Platform may become a perfect fit for hosting providers and end users of hosting services.


Further reading

This blog post was written by Sergey Bushik and edited by Ekatherina Vasilega.