Altoros to Develop a B2C E-Commerce Solution for PriMed

by Renat KhasanshynSeptember 4, 2001
The leading supplier of the PriMed Nationwide Health Plan achieved business goals and increased customer satisfaction with the new system delivered by Altoros.

Designing an e-commerce solution for healthcare

On September 4, 2001, Altoros signed a long-term contract for the development of a B2C e-commerce solution with PriMed, Inc., the leading supplier of the PriMed Nationwide Health Plan.

“Since the first day of cooperation, Altoros proved to be a highly qualified team of professionals. We want to note that apart from such obvious things as quality, terms, and discipline, the team was distinguished in understanding the importance of customer satisfaction. Our company opted for the local management and offshore development model introduced by Altoros.” —Edward Thomas, President at PriMed, Inc.

“The engagement was structured to maximize the strength of Altoros’s two-tier approach. We combined robust on-site project and architecture management with the efforts of an offshore production team at their development center in Minsk, Belarus,” added Edward. “As a result, our company achieved business objectives and goals, as well as increased customer service levels with the new system delivered by Altoros.”


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