Altoros Delivers a Self-Service Cloud Foundry Training Platform

In a user-owned cloud environment, engineers can learn and play with open-source Cloud Foundry firsthand.

Today, Altoros announces the availability of the first-ever Cloud Foundry training platform. In addition to online tutorials, the program offers a real infrastructure where one can play with deployments and learn cloud-native development firsthand.


Three levels of expertise

A series of five-lesson courses are targeted at developers, operators, and DevOps engineers who use open-source Cloud Foundry. Users can choose from the following course levels:

  • basic
  • intermediate
  • advanced

CF Training Basic

“Whether you’re new to Cloud Foundry, have some experience with it, or already have substantial expertise, Altoros has developed a course to fit your needs,” said Kirill Grigorchuk, the Head of Cloud Foundry practice at Altoros, in making the announcement.

CF Training Intermediate

All of the courses are delivered through a web experience, with no required plug-ins or additional services. All one needs is some AWS infrastructure, either existing or created at the beginning of a course.


Who may be interested?

The training is targeted at developers, architects, and DevOps engineers dealing with Cloud Foundry as end users. It may also be useful to top-level technical managers as a tool for fostering digital transformation within enterprises. The main courses include:

  • Open-source Cloud Foundry for Operators
  • Open-source Cloud Foundry for Developers
  • Open-source Cloud Foundry for DevOps engineers


All topics are covered

Training starts with lessons on how to install Cloud Foundry and BOSH and advances such topics as:

  • deployment
  • services
  • manifests
  • application management
  • the ELK deployment
  • and other skills

There is a quiz at each lesson’s conclusion to reinforce what’s been learned.

Altoros provides a fully featured console similar to what many developers use with Linux OS. Additionally, a file explorer allows for managing and editing files without touching the console.

CF Training Advanced

“Our goal is to provide the most relevant training materials on cloud-native development in various Cloud Foundry distros to create a marketplace of cloud-native training, in which your business will be able to find a way to realize rapid innovation, training, and staff development continuously and in large volumes.” —Kirill Grigorchuk, Altoros

CF Training Infrastructure

Altoros is also ready to provide comprehensive, on-site training for those companies on a path to digital transformation who wish to use our platform to achieve the ultimate in Cloud Foundry innovation and expertise.

A series of five-lesson courses is being offered online for $199 each, with the first lesson free of charge. Visit the Cloud Foundry training platform page to get started.