A Gaming Bots Constest at a RoR Meetup

by Volha KurylionakSeptember 23, 2013
During the meetup, Belarusian developers shared tech experience in RoR and cloud development, as well as took part in the Ruby Codenjoy race.

Uniting the Belarusian RoR community

On September 14, Altoros organized a Ruby on Rails (RoR) meetup that took place in Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe). Attended by 80+ Ruby experts from the local dev community, the event featured several sessions on RoR, cloud, and other relevant topics.

Ruby on Rails meetup in Minsk, Belarus

During the meetup, the participants had an opportunity to test their programming skills in a contest of Codenjoy, an open-source training gamification framework for developers. For the event, our team created a Ruby connector to this service. Developers that took part in the contest could write bots that were playing Tetris, a popular PC game from the ’80s. The event was full of interactive talks and informal networking.


Want detals? Watch the video!

In this video, developers at Altoros are competing in Ruby Codenjoy.


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This blog post was written by Volha Kurylionak and edited by Alex Khizhniak