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Welcome to the Altoros self-paced Introduction to Blockchain & Hyperledger Fabric.

This expedited course will provide an overview of the fundamental concepts of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, as well as the core architecture of Hyperledger Fabric, a Linux open-source permissioned blockchain framework.

Blockchain Training


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In this course you’ll cover:

  • Core concepts of what defines blockchain and DLT (including public vs permissioned blockchain approaches)
  • Predominant use-cases for blockchain within the enterprise space
  • An introduction to the Hyperledger projects and its various frameworks and tools
  • An overview of the Hyperledger Fabric framework including architecture, consensus mechanisms, smart contract implementation, and application SDK interfaces
  • Workshop guides for installation and configuration of Fabric, deploying test networks and managing 'chaincode' smart contracts on the network

This course is available online and provided free-of-charge by Altoros. It is self-paced, and you can move through the material as quickly or as slowly as you like. The content spans topics ranging from high-level introductions to technical demonstrations, and you may select course material to fit your background and technical proficiency.

Training program

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To get the most out of this course, you should ideally have:

  • Familiarity with the command line/shell of a Linux operating system
  • Familiarity with Docker
  • Be able to read Javascript and Golang
  • 1. Course Introduction

    Course Overview Introduction

    0.23 m
  • 2. What is Blockchain?

    6 lectures

    Definition, concept

    1.25 m

    Distributed Ledger Technology

    1.10 m

    Cryptography fundamentals - hashes, blocks

    3.59 m

    Types of Blockchains

    2.22 m


    3.18 m

    Smart Contracts

    3.03 m
  • 3. Use-Cases

    6 lectures

    When to use Blockchain

    3.52 m

    Supply chain

    3.35 m


    3.36 m

    Customer support and claims

    1.49 m


    4.0 m


    3.24 m

No better time and training provider to maximize your team's talent!

No better time and training provider to maximize your team's talent!

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