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Welcome to Cloud-native

At Altoros, we’ve always focused on enabling companies to shift from legacy IT to the future. Since the inception of cloud-native, we’ve been helping businesses to build and continuously deliver easily scalable, resilient, and impressively performing software in highly automated cloud environments—and proved we can handle the hard of it. Whatever it takes to deliver better software, faster—moving to a cloud infrastructure, incorporating DevOps practices, or adopting containers—we’ll get you there. Here’s how:

Sizeable cost savings through optimization of the software development life cycle

  • Containers and Application Orchestration Tools
    Implementation of modern platforms (Cloud FoundryKubernetes) expediting the software development life cycle.
  • Continuous Delivery
    Enabling continuous delivery of changes from development to production.
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Accelerated Time-to-Market with modern application design and development principles

  • Microservices Architecture
    Addressing the complexity of software systems with microservices-based architecture.
  • Application Replatforming
    Software modernization to achieve maximum architecture-driven benefits.
  • Training
    Rapid team onboarding and training your people in key technologies.
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What we do

Altoros has stacked up expertise in a range of cloud automation and container orchestration technologies to enable organizations at any stage of their journey to cloud-native. We offer:


Come prepared for your digital transformation journey. Get a strategic advice, guidance, and technical expertise required to improve the current state of your IT infrastructure.

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Platform Implementation

Get a PoC or a full-scale, production-ready Cloud Foundry installation deployed to your cloud infrastructure. Altoros will make sure that your deployment is resilient, stable, and delivers maximum achievable performance with optimal resource utilization.

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Implementation of CI/CD Processes

Automate the software delivery processes, using CI/CD pipelines, to improve the product quality, increase developers’ productivity, reduce deployment risks, and accelerate the delivery of updates.

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Application Replatforming

Enable your existing business-critical applications on a cloud-native platform to leverage the containerized runtime environment and production-grade capabilities.

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Accelerate the on-boarding of your team, upgrade their skills in Cloud Foundry management, cloud-native development, platform logging and monitoring, and etc.

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Platform Support

Ensure smooth operation of the platform, applications, and services. Reach 24/7 business continuity, data integrity, and zero disruption upgrade.

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