Kubernetes Training

Kubernetes Training

Kubernetes Fundamentals view training

Kubernetes Fundamentals

This two day course is intended for students who has no previous experience with container orchestration or cloud technologies. It starts from the general overview of the cloud native platform benefits and then describes its structure. The rest of the course is mostly practical and describes how to deploy and configure applications on Kubernetes clusters. After completing the course students will have hands-on experience with Kubernetes and be able to efficiently use it for deploying their own applications.

Kubernetes Deep Dive view training

Kubernetes Deep Dive

This four day course teaches students both fundamental and advanced Kubernetes topics in the first three days. Students will deploy Kubernetes cluster to GCP using kops, learn how to store configuration in ConfigMaps and internals of the cluster networking. They will be able to efficiently deploy and operate their applications on top of the cloud-native platform. The fourth day is deep dive into Kubernetes internals including kubelet, API server, scheduling algorithm and networking model. After completing the course students are able to design and implement Kubernetes clusters effectively.


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