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Automatic Car Damage Recognition Model

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Car Parts Identification

  • Parts localization and segmentation. The model identifies the main external vehicle parts, such as a hood, bumper, or lamps, and provides a comprehensive auto parts analysis.
  • Photo quality control. The algorithms estimate and check the quality of photos in advanсe ensuring an auto-focus on the main car parts eliminating the risk of blurred, over- and underexposed images.
  • Photostream processing. The model can process numerous vehicle's photos at once with subsequent integration of the results.
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Damage Understanding

  • AI-generated car part damage level and cost estimation. As soon as the required part is defined, our algorithms estimate the extent and cost of the damage.
  • Repair/Replace decision support. With the experience gained from service stations that dealt with multiple insurance cases and the ability to evaluate the overall damage level efficiently, the algorithms state whether there is a need for car parts repair.
  • Overall car damage estimation. Estimating the damage level of the auto parts detected, our algorithms form a hypothesis about the general state of a vehicle.

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How to implement
the algorithm in business

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Baseline model
We implement the algorithms, add necessary features, and create a baseline model that fits your business needs. Use our algorithms as a starting point to reduce time to market!
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The data set is getting trained and the model is being updated. As a result, thousands of car models and their parts can be detected and identified.
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Roll out
A final solution discovers and detects car parts and estimates whether they are damaged or not. Based on the level of damage, a user gets the suggestion to repair or replace a part.

Who can benefit
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Rental Fleets

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