TensorFlow End-to-End Examples and Overview (in English and Spanish)

by Sophia TurolMay 18, 2016
This blog post looks into the key components of TensorFlow architecture with end-to-end code examples and practical tips on using the library.


Below are the videos and slides from the TensorFlow Madrid meetup—sponsored and organized by Altoros on April 14, 2016.


TensorFlow overview (EN)

Gema Parreño Piqueras of Tetuan Valley provided an insight into TensorFlow architecture, overviewed some tools that can be useful when working with TensorFlow, and explained the difference between traditional machine learning and what TensorFlow offers.



You can also check out the slides by Gema below.


TensorFlow end-to-end examples (ES)

Juantomás García Molina of ASPgems demonstrated a few examples of using TensorFlow, while coding together with the audience in real time and providing some practical tips. Please note that this presentation is in Spanish.



Below, you will find the full slides by Juantomás.


You can also read a blog post by Juantomás García Molina about this event (in Spanish, too).

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About the speakers

Gema Parreño Piqueras is Software Architect at Tetuan Valley. She is an awarded product designer with two years of experience in artificial intelligence, specifically natural language understanding. Gema is currently developing recursive neural networks and clustering classifications with TensorFlow.


Juantomás García Molina is Chief Data Officer at ASPgems. He holds a degree in computer science from the Technical University of Madrid. Juantomás is skilled in managing technical teams to design and deploy innovative data and statistical analysis solutions across operations. His specialties include free and open-source software, big data, as well as disruptive technologies.