Microservices Architecture Patterns and Riak on Cloud Foundry

by Renat KhasanshynApril 24, 2015
This post contains a video recording of the Cloud Foundry and Docker meetup held in beautiful San Ramon, California. Check out the agenda and tune in!

Talk #1: Riak and RiakCS on Cloud Foundry

Speaker: Randy Secrist, Director of Professional Services at Basho Technologies

• Introduction to Riak, a distributed key-value database.
• Introduction to Riak CS, a distributed S3 large object store.
• Introduction to the Basho / Erlang / Riak communities.
• Using Riak with Cloud Foundry.


Talk #2: Microservices Architecture Patterns and Practices

Speakers: Jayant Thomas (JT), Sr. Engineering Manager, and Victor Matskiv, Sr. Architect, GE Software

Building Applications using Microservices Architecture presents its own challenges and requires us to reevaluate the patterns and methodologies to application development.

For example, services have to interact with other services using service API’s to derive dependent information, which in case of a monolith application could be accomplished by a simple SQL join query. This session delves into:

  • Microservices patterns:
    • API Gateway pattern
    • API Caching pattern
    • Concurrency and Service Orchestration patterns
  • Working illustration of each of these patterns with an appropriate real-world use case
  • Recommended best practices for building a successful microservices-based application


Want details? Watch the video!



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