Hadoop Distributions: Comparison and Top 5 Trends

by Kirill GrigorchukJuly 10, 2014
The article overviews how Hadoop distributions differ, as well as provides insights into their major features, the ecosystem development, enterprise adoption, etc.

Comparing popular Hadoop distros

Ever wondered how Hadoop distributions differ from each other? In a recent article for NetworkWorld, the team at Altoros overviewed the evolution of Hadoop and explored the differences between the standard edition vs. Hortonworks, Cloudera, and MapR. The blog post also provides insights into five major trends that are shaping the development of the technologies in terms of features, the ecosystem, enterprise adoption, etc.

The article’s highlights:

  • The top five trends currently affecting the evolution of Hadoop distributions.
  • Why enterprises need Hadoop distributions and how they differ.
  • How YARN has solved the issues present in Hadoop 1.0.
  • What will become of Hadoop in the foreseeable future.

For more information, read the full blog post.


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