DigitalOcean—a New Amazing Cloud VPS Hosting

by Olga BelokurskayaMay 24, 2013
This blog post provides an overview of DigitalOcean—a new cloud VPS hosting—and its major advantages for startups, small and fast-growing projects.

DigitalOcean capabilities

DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting service that offers a comparatively affordable pricing, starting from $5 per month, and bills hourly. This combines with ease of use: all you need is to get a dedicated IP and root access to your server, and you can start working. The control panel is plain and simple. DigitalOcean uses SSD hard drives and a fast network that provide speed to servers’ work. Furthermore, the service boldly promises a 99.99% uptime around network, power, and virtual server availability.

Being pretty cheap and easy to use, DigitalOcean can become one of the solutions that may interest startups, small and fast-growing projects.

However, are there any pitfalls? For more detail, please read a comprehensive DigitalOcean overview.


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The post was written by Olga Belokurdkaya and edited by Alex Khizhniak.