Past events


Kubernetes Training: Los Angeles

Why this training? This 4-day training course covers the fundamentals needed to understand Kubernetes and the skills required to handle both Day 1 (deployment) and Day 2 (operations) tasks for managing Kubernetes clusters. Day 1 is dedicated to using an existing Kubernetes cluster for managing containerized workloads. On days 2 and 3, attendees will provision a public cloud ...Find out more »

Altoros Hyperledger Demo at Consensus 2018: Decentralization of P2P Securities Transfer Implemented on Hyperledger Fabric

16 May 2018,
13:30 pm - 14:30 pm
Come by Hyperledger booth at Consensus 2018 on May 16, 1:45 pm, at New Yolrk Hilton Midtown. Altoros' Greg Skerry will show a live demo of a blockchain-powered securities transfer platform implemented on Hyperledger Fabric. Find out more »

Cloud Foundry Summit 2018 in Boston

18 April 2018, 00:00 am
20 April 2018, 23:59 pm
You won’t want to miss this year’s  Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston - where the global community meets to deep dive on the open source cloud application platform, and you can share and learn alongside thousands of your peers.Find out more »

[TRAINING] Kubernetes: NYC

This course provides operators with the theoretical concepts and first-hand experience needed to securely manage resources and users within a Cloud Foundry installation. Find out more »

TRAINING in Toronto: Cloud Foundry for DevOps

The course provides DevOps engineers with a deeper dive into deployment, configuration, and management of Cloud Foundry installations.Find out more »

Re-platforming Monoliths into Microservices: How to Start and Avoid Mistakes

19 December 2017,
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Join this webinar to learn everything you need to know about re-platforming monoliths into microservices. Find out more »

Cloud Foundry Logging Using Elastic Stack: from Quantity to Quality

14 November 2017,
12:00 pm - 13:00 pm
Join this webinar to learn how to use the Elastic Stack (and Logsearch, its extension for working with Cloud Foundry logs) to efficiently manage and analyze logs. Find out more »