Custom Kubernetes Training

Develop a custom program based on your teams' needs, goals, and expertise

Build custom Kubernetes
program specific to your
team's needs

  • Design your custom program by choosing appropriate topics, theory and practice balance to meet the needs of your team.
  • This tailored course is intended for operators and DevOps engineers who are planning to bootstrap and operate fault-tolerant Kubernetes clusters in production.
  • This training will help your team learn how to start designing and operating orchestration solutions and run distributed apps on Kubernetes.
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Tailor-made to fit
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Join this сourse to:

  • Understand how Kubernetes handles container-based distributed workloads
  • Get practical skills required to spin up a Kubernetes cluster
  • Learn how to successfully operate and manage Kubernetes clusters

Design Your Training Agenda

Step 1

Select the checkboxes to include the topics you want to be present in your training agenda. You can save this form at any time and continue later.

. Foundations
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Set up prerequisites, learn about the Kubernetes architecture, and deploy a Kubernetes instance needed in other exercises

. Running Applications
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Learn how to run your applications on Kubernetes—both stateless and stateful

. Operations
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Learn how to operate cloud-native platforms based on Kubernetes—upgrade a cluster to a newer version, integrate with monitoring and logging solutions, and set up a continuous delivery pipeline

. Networking
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Topics include setting up the ingress to balance external traffic between the pods and exposing the applications to the outer world using services

. Security
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How to keep the platform secure and guarantee fair share of cluster resources to each of the multiple teams using the cluster

. Other Topics
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Topics that do not fit this classification, such as diving deep into Kubernetes internals or packaging your applications using Helm

Course duration: 0h
The total duration of the class must be from 2 to 5 days

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Select cloud infrastructure provider for the training:

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Our customers

Here is what our customers say about us
arpad rozsas
Training was fantastic. Everything was great and the trainers were great guys.
ramesh balasubramanian
It was a great learning experience. It provides a good knowledge mapping between what is learned in class and what can be applied to real work environment.
mark forest and gavin liu
The biggest value of the course? Definitely understanding the basics of Kubernetes, and doing some troubleshooting of problems

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